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by Naomi |May 28, 2020 | Blogs

Wish you were Beer. Bars are the ultimate evening destination. Ambience of the Bar is a “Make or Break” for success of a Bar. Want it Vibrant, Smoggy, Drooling, Spanky or what? As with most commercial space, some of the 7 Ps of Marketing matter here too. Depending on the Place, ie, whether it is a High end Hotel or a Country side Bar, it needs to be designed. For that clientele, it should exude luxury, style, and comfort and be inviting, spacious, and serviceable, with desired seating space etc.

  • Plan a concept and develop the design on it. Key areas for planing are:

  • Broad Design and Spacing.
  • Bar Counter Design.
  • Dance floor design.
  • Main entrance.
  • Wall design.
  • Ceiling Design.
  • Flooring Pattern.
  • Furniture styling.
  • Different seating formats.
  • Private party area.
  • Planning the components required and the cost of designing the bar would cut down on any unnecessary wastage. Have a theme in mind and decide how much one is willing to spend to achieve the layout.
  • Measurements of a bar are crucial to functionality.
  • If bartenders don’t have enough space, this would restrict their movements and decrease efficiency.
  • At least 3 feet between liquor shelves and the bar top.
  • Utilize the space to its maximum potential.
  • Every detail should come up with the best design best suited.
  • Come up with unusual theme for bar that can help one stand out amongst the competition.
  • Place the liquor in front as drinks are the showstopper.
  • Displaying the liquor bottle is a good way of ramping up the interiors.
  • Innovation is the key to success for a bar.
  • Separate billing point would ensure quicker billing and the guests wouldn’t have to wait to clear the bills.
  • Every bartender should have his or her serving station including an ice bin, soda gun, juice containers, speed rail, back-bar, and condiment tray.

  • Choosing the Right Equipment: Another major step of building the space is to get the equipment to be used at the bar. Having the right equipment makes the place look tied together.
  • Bars should have refrigerators.
  • Coolers, wine racks, ice beans, should also be added.
  • Flooring at the bar area should not be slippery.
  • Rubber mat flooring for the safety of the staff/bartender.
  • Invest in chairs and tables in complementing the interiors of the bar.
  • Investing in used equipment is also a good option initially as this would help save some money.

  • Choosing the Bar Top Wisely: A creative bar top can be beautiful and pulls more attention towards the bar. It is a centrepiece that makes the bar unique but, it is essential to select the right material for the bar top to avoid any disasters.
  • Stones and marbles look attractive but, are magnets for disaster because they have no flexibility or grip.
  • Go for traditional wood bar tops.
  • Choose from Oaks, Maples, Mahogany’s, or Ashes as they have a firm grip and are very sturdy.
  • Wrong choice in materials will result in broken glasses.
  • Round edges should be prevented as it can allow the glasses to slide off onto the floor.
  • Copper and brass are also beautiful but require costly routine maintenance.
  • Learn about the maintenance of the material tips before purchasing.

  • Lighting to set the mood right: The bar area should have adequate lighting for customers to read the menu but, it should not be very bright.
  • The bar area shouldn’t be very dark.
  • Opt for dim ambient lighting to set the mood.
  • Subtle light is the key to setting the mood right.
  • Recessed lighting or tracking lighting can be used which have a switch to help adjust the intensity of the lights.
  • Commercial kind of lights can be used over the bar counter as they illuminate the surface of the bar.
  • Can also opt for complimentary lighting.
  • Light up the liquor rack and the area around it.
  • Add lamps to highlight particular areas.
  • In high ceiling bars, hang pendant lighting or chandeliers to bring the light source closer to the client.

  • Consider fixture details: It is important to differentiate the bar with specially design elements but don’t overwhelm every wall with decoration.
  • Choose a few stand-out pieces that reflect the theme.
  • Rely on small details to carry the rest of the design.
  • Focal point might be unique back lighting, a green wall, a water wall, fish tanks, funky seats or impressive table dividers.
  • Use lighting to set the tone.

If you are also planning to revamp your Bar, do let us know, we will give you an experience unparalleled. Lets do it together.


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