Work from Office Back After the Pandemic

What Can You Do to Make Workers Choose Work from Office Back After the Pandemic?

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The time has come to go back to the workplace after working remotely. It may be challenging to convince employees to return to the office. After all, many have become accustomed to working from the convenience of their homes. However, a Smartway2 survey found that “37% of workers miss spontaneous collaboration and idea sharing, while 40% of workers miss the social interaction in the office.” According to a survey, most company decision-makers prefer to work from home and in the office. Only 6% of workers are interested in working from home full-time after COVID-19; instead, they are searching for a hybrid work environment.

In response, many firms are changing to work environments that are more flexible, independent, and agile. Organizations intend to introduce hybrid home-office work arrangements, more employee-friendly work practices, and health and safety procedures to raise morale and promote employee contentment. After all, content workers are more inventive and compelling.

So, what can you do to persuade your staff to return to work by giving them a sense of security?


Strategies to Attract Employees Back to The Office

Employees can be invited to work from the office just by updating the workspace, enhancing health measures, supporting various work styles, and promoting social connection. Companies should concentrate on the following four areas to design a workspace that encourages employees to return to the office:


Furniture to Keep Them Productive

In a modern office setting, furniture plays a significant part in the workplace’s ambiance, providing a secure and pleasant environment for everyone working there. Comfort is only one aspect of workplace furniture’s significance. We may need to realize how important furniture is to employee productivity and the smooth operation of a company.

Businesses should now invest in ergonomic office furniture that can significantly enhance employees’ posture, ease back pain, and boost output. The office furniture you select must be adaptable enough to accommodate the needs of every person working there. As varied as the shapes and sizes of your employees are, purchasing furniture that can be altered to fit their needs may keep everyone in the workplace relaxed and focused on their work.

For instance, when shopping for a work chair for the office, seek one with essential modifications like seat depth, back reclining, and movable armrests.


Change the Color & Lighting

The first noticeable part of the office is the vibrant colors of the walls and lights. Change the color of the walls and add lights to make the color more attractive. You can also play with colors to make the workspace infused with a creative vibe. Research has also shown that using colors that mimic nature can create a more pleasant work environment.

In addition, lighting is the other easiest and most efficient way to change the atmosphere in your office, transforming it from a drab area to a hub of inspiration and incredible productivity. A well-lit space can promote energy and alertness while reducing weariness, headaches, and eye strain, and it can also increase productivity. Most of us who work from home are accustomed to having control over our surroundings, including the freedom to open windows or change the lighting to set the mood.

Organizations should maximize the natural light, and adding windows to south-facing walls can be a way to do so.


Personalized Space Offering Homely Vibes

Given how much time individuals spend working from home, it’s not surprising that they’ve developed unusual work habits and a taste for the conveniences of home. As a result, upon returning to work, additional requirements and needs exist. Your workplace space can offer different amenities, even though home offices offer the possibility of including personalized elements or homey aspects.

Consider adding some cozy elements, such as indoor plants and flowers, room diffusers, and desk lamps for increased comfort and an opulent feel, to your company’s workspace to make it more personalized.


Design that Encourages Play

At any Google office, there is always some play in action. Similarly, you can include a play area in your office to give your employees a space to refresh and start their work more efficiently. The variety of play options you can build depends on the size, region, and budget.


Use the Third Space Within the Office

One of the critical features of the office that can encourage employees to return to the office is the casual seating areas – or third spaces. Essentially, these are alternative workspaces that aren’t your desk. Some are designed for groups of 10-20 people, while others are for smaller groups of 2-3.

Mobile workers and many of those who work outside the office are increasing, so organizations can develop creative areas within their offices that mimic third spaces.


A Better Cafeteria Keeps Them Working

Organizations can also provide free meals to their employees. Although this seems like a simple benefit, the intention is to keep staff on campus so they can work longer hours. It is possible to foster a connected and cooperative workplace culture through causal interactions in the cafeteria. Additionally, you may have some degree of control over your employees’ health depending on the food you serve. Employees should also be free to customize their meals per their dietary needs.


Make the Workplace Pet-Friendly

During the Covid-19, many folks adopted pets as companions. After all, with isolation and limited human interactions, pets offer important companionship and emotional support.

But what will your employees do with their furry pals if they have to come to the office—even in a hybrid or part-time routine? To put an end to this issue, many organizations included a flexible policy on pets in the workplace. Along with many recreational parks and a supportive culture, creating a unique space for pets can also help insist employees return to the office. Google even has an entire Employee Code of Conduct section publicizing its pet-friendly policies.


Introducing Gym in the Workplace

People got more health-conscious during the Covid-19 and they started working out to stay fit. However, coming to the office may hamper their routine as they may get less time to work out. For this reason, companies should invest in on-site gyms. Organizations have found that having a healthy support system in the workplace is a great way to treat employees’ mental health and helps boost employee productivity. So, planning the design of your workplace gym can attract employees to come back to the office.


Conclusive Thoughts

It may appear simple, but terminology is essential. The office should not be a place for knowledge workers to complete tasks. It is a place of collaboration, creativity, and learning, where employees are nurtured and have a sense of belonging. Giving names to buildings, floors, sections, or rooms may help fulfill this goal. Names such as “learning center” or “innovation space” communicate a new point of view, shape design changes, attract talent, and influence behavior.

How to Make Sure That Your Home Is Damp Proof and Long Lasting?

How To Make Sure That Your Home Is Damp Proof And Long Lasting?

by Naomi |September 12, 2022 |3 Comments | Architecture, Interior Design, residential architects

Damp proofing, or damp-proof construction, is a construction technique that aims at walls and floors to prevent moisture from passing into the interior spaces. It is generally applied at basement levels, which restricts the movement of moisture through walls and floors.

Generally, damp proofing is required in areas where a highwater table or other severe soil-water conditions are known to exist. In areas without high soil hydrostatic pressure, damp proofing used in conjunction with proper drainage and lawn grading is sufficient and provides long-lasting protection.

Usually, a coating that is either sprayed on or rolled onto the outside of the wall achieves damp proofing. Rising damp, which occurs when water from the earth seeps into the foundation, is shielded by a damp proof course. When added to the concrete mixture, damp proofing can also be crucial in making the concrete itself water resistant.

Why is damp proofing important?

Keep mould and mildew at bay in your home

Mould, mildew, and bacteria growth in wet, damp walls, floors, or ceilings are definite triggers for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, or other lung and breathing issues. Damp proofing ensures that your walls resist this moisture hazard so that your family can stay safe and healthy, breathing freely. When condensation builds up inside your walls, or water is allowed to sit without sufficient ventilation, mildew and bacteria begin to grow. Damp proofing can help eliminate this problem.

It keeps walls strong 

Dampness can affect walls by seeping into the walls, which can further destroy wall paint, furniture, and ceilings. Water can gradually affect the strength of a building structure, thus damp proofing is important to keep the structure strong and long-lasting.

The difference between damp-proofing and waterproofing

Damp proofing is just a coating that is either sprayed on or hand applied to the outside of the wall. On the other hand, waterproofing is the treatment of the surface to prevent the passage of liquid water in the presence of hydrostatic pressure.

Methods of damp proofing

  1. Membrane Damp-Proofing

A water repellent material or damp proof course(D.P.C.) is introduced in between the source of dampness and the part of the building adjacent to it. The damp proofing course may consist of flexible materials such as bitumen, mastic asphalt, bituminous felts, plastic or polythene sheets, metal sheets, or cement concrete. Damp proofing courses may be provided either horizontally or vertically on floors, walls, etc. Provision of a damp-proofing course in the basement is normally termed as “tanking”.

  1. Integral Damp Proofing

In this type of damp proofing, certain materials are mixed with concrete. Compounds made from chalk, talc, and fuller’s earth may fill the voids of concrete under the mechanical action principle. Alkaline silicates, aluminium sulfate, calcium chlorides, and other compounds react chemically with concrete to produce water-proof concrete. Compounds like soap, petroleum, oils, fatty acid compounds such as stearates of calcium, sodium, ammonia, etc. work on water repulsion. Commercially available compounds like Publo, Permo, and Silka, etc. are mixed with concrete for damp proofing.

  1. Cavity Wall Construction 

Cavity wall construction is an effective method of damp prevention. In this method, the main wall of a building is shielded by an outer skin wall, leaving a cavity between the two. The cavity prevents the moisture from travelling from the outer to the inner wall.

  1. Pressure Grouting

This method consists of forcing cement grout under pressure into cracks, voids, fissures, and so on present in the structural components of the building or in the ground. Thus, the structural components and the foundations, which are liable to moisture penetration, are consolidated and are thus made water penetration-resistant. This method is quite effective in controlling the seepage of raised ground water through the foundation.

  1. Surface Treatment

Moisture finds its way through the pores of material used in finishing. In order to check the entry of the moisture into the pores, they must be filled up. In the surface treatment method, a layer of water repellent substances or compounds is applied on these surfaces through which moisture enters. The use of water repellent metallic soaps such as calcium and aluminium oleates and stearates is much more effective against rain water penetration.

  1. Guiniting

In this method of damp proofing, an impervious layer of rich cement mortar is deposited under pressure over the exposed surfaces for water proofing or over pipes, cisterns, etc. for resisting the water pressure. The operation is carried out by the use of a machine known as a “cement gun. 

The cement gun consists of a machine having arrangements for mixing materials and a compressor for forcing the mixture under pressure through a 50 mm dia. flexible hose pipe. The hose pipe has a nozzle at its free end to which water is supplied under pressure through a separate connection.

Materials used for damp proofing

  1. Bitumen Mastic (Mastic Asphalt): It consists of asphalt or bitumen mixed with fine sand in a hot state to form an impervious mass. Due to this consistency, it can be spread (when hot) to a depth of 2.5cm to 5cm, which sets on cooling.
  2. Hot Bitumen: It consists of a 6 mm thick sheet of bitumen prepared in rolls having a width equal to that of a brick wall.
  3. Metal Sheets: metals such as aluminium, copper or lead are used throughout the thickness of the wall.
  4. Stone Slabs: Two layers of stone slabs or slates laid in lime, cement and sand mortar (1:1:6) make the best DPC.


Furthermore, damp proofing can save you from a plot of repair work in the future, removing the tension of yearly renovation. As it is believed “prevention is better than cure”, damp proofing is the precaution that everyone should take during construction.

Smart Design – Spacious Homes

Smart Design – Spacious Homes

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Whatever size of plot you are planning your house on, it is often quite disillusionary to find it being short for space. A good Architect can easily understand YOUR requirements and work out a viable solution for you. However, the Quacks may not be able to do a decent Space planning. Your space planning should be such that they flow from each other.

The main entrance should lead you to the Drawing room and not to the dining or kitchen. Ideally, as you enter, the Drawing, Living, dining and kitchen sequence is the best option and flows with the utility of spaces. 

Often, many architects or designers are fixated with their ideas and want to impose them on you, emphasising on the benefits. A good Architect is quite akin to a good chef, who caters for your palate and not his culinary likes. 

Today it’s a norm not to have a Storeroom @ Bhandar, next to the kitchen. However, if I need a storage room next to my kitchen, its my lifestyle and the Architect or designer should understand my style and make a plan that suits me. 

A Gyan I always give to my clients – The earlier you learn to discard items you have not been using for 2-3 years, the more spacious your house will become.

There are numerous ways by which one can make the most of the available space without adding on to costs.  

Lets discuss a few of them:-

  1. FAR & Height. Building Byelaws in all states, give out the 
    1. Area which can be covered.
    2. No of floors, setbacks, height of the building, etc., that one can legally make.
    3. One of the most important parts of the planning is to use the maximum acceptable height and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) permissible. However, please never do the blunder of spilling over even by an inch, rather, keep it lesser, by a small margin. Else, the JE etc would trouble you.
  1. Ceiling Height.  Have max ceiling height possible, as it is easier to have storage above head level in a house with ceiling height of 10 ft, compared to one with 8.5 / 9ft.
  • Balconies. The byelaws lay down the length & width of balconies acceptable. In Gurgaon, in a plot of the size 225 meter or more, one can have a 180 cm depth for front balcony, while 1 m side balconies. So, if you wish to have more space, and have left a side setback, you could have a balcony over full length of the house.
  • Using temporary structure like Glass in Aluminum frame is permissible in balconies and these can be used as additional storage space without any legal violation. 
  • If you have a green thumb, go for hanging plants, could be above head height, if in the passage. 
  • If you feel hanging plants obstruct your standing space, you can create tiny shelves on the wall or railing, to place the pots, without feeling claustrophobic. 
  • Exploit the Balcony. Ever thought how much of the Balcony do you use? Exploit this space for storage, eg, in your rear balcony, have an enclosed / covered storage made which houses your Gas Cylinders, mopping & cleaning material, which also could hold some beautiful pots.  
  • Verandah. The area covered by a verandah, if it exceeds the depth allowed, gets included in the FAR. So, take this decision wisely. If you enjoy a Barbecue on the verandah, you could have a depth of, say 10 ft for that area, giving adequate space for the function.
  • Corridors. In all our designs for smaller plot sizes, we strictly avoid corridors. These cover a lot of space, which could have formed part of the rooms. So, we try and design the house without any passage / corridor. 
  • Walls. Unlike what we see in India, internationally, most residential buildings do NOT have brick walls. Even for external wall, the Contractor uses bricks only if he is told to. However, in India, safety factors make it mandatory to have strong external walls. It could be of 9 inches brick and columns or steel structure. Steel frames ie non RCC, are stronger, and take lesser space. Steel is costlier, as also, there is less expertise available in the market. 
  • However, internal walls should be max 4 inches, and wherever possible, use Gypsum or Ply or ACP sheets partitions. These reduce the cost and increase the space but need better planning.
  • Wherever possible, have glass separators; maybe frosted. 
  • Loft. In case the corridor becomes impossible to do away with, keep the passage with least possible length and make a loft in the area, with access to the loft from both sides, if feasible. Having openings on both sides helps keep it cleaner, ventilated, and easier to use.
  • Bedrooms. Ideally, if you could plan two Bedrooms side by side, the storage of both bedrooms could be on one wall. This saves cost, as also a uniform shape, while giving an open feel to the bedroom.
  • TV unit. In case you plan a TV Unit in bedroom or drawing or living, a Wall mounted unit is any day more space friendly, as also easier to maintain than a ground based one.
  • Storage. In India, in any household, one can find many stuff, which have not been used for maybe a decade. As a resultant, storage space is always less and wanting. 
  • As a rule, try and have a storage everywhere you can, but don’t go overboard, in that the house starts looking like a store house. For example, your beds, foot-ends, sofas, study table, etc, all can be designed with storage. 
  • Please avoid making any room like a Locker room of the Gym or swimming pool, with all round storages.
  • Doors and Windows. Placing of doors and windows affect the furniture layout of the room, as also the possible storage. This aspect needs detailed planning. 
  • Windows. Placing large windows specially in the direction from which sunlight comes, adds to the spaciousness feel of the rooms.
  • Dead areas around Columns. Columns are a necessity. Using the areas next to it aesthetically, could give you a lot of storage space for small things.
  • Storage in Furniture. As far as possible, utilise the space occupied by your furniture, to have storage. It could be your
  • Beds. Apart from normal designs, one can install trundle beds too, as they offer more floor space during daytime. You can roll out the bed from the regular bed to create additional sleeping space.  
  • Setties & Sofas. The sitting as also the back rest can have spaces for storage, without being conspicuous.
  • Side Tables. With drawers / shelves.
      1. Dining Table. Area below the top counter can have 3-4 “of storage for table mats, napkins etc. Compartmentalize it like the cutlery unit in your modular kitchen
  • Create A-frame Beam Shelves. Create A-frame beam shelves in your hall or kitchen and integrate the structural reinforcement with more space. To add to the longevity, ensure the quality of the material for shelves and vertical spacing in between.
    1. Cabinets Against the Shower. Finding space to keep individual items in your bathroom is quite troublesome when you lack storage in your Washroom. 
  • To make your bathroom spacious, build cabinets against the shower. Aligning your stuff properly protects them from being wet underwater; this is how you make small things work.
  • Mount a Towel Rack To help clear out the space in your bathroom closet, use vertical space and make your bathroom more spacious. Wall-mounted towel racks with no closed cubbies create ideal space for storing extra bathroom clothing essentials. 

Summing Up 

Are you spending your days in a small space and not comfortable? Installing and arranging things wisely can help you make the most of your tiny home. The tips mentioned above can help you build a dream home, creating an aesthetic setting and positive vibes around your premises.

If you want to build your home, reach out to our professionals. Team Colonelz is just a call away! 


Best Materials for Sustainable Interiors

by Naomi |August 25, 2022 |1 Comments | Architecture, Interior Design

Imagine a future without water, plants, or food. Is this possible? Indeed, we can have a dreadful future if we do not take action now. We neglect the environment in the current world where technology is at its peak. Thus, we need to take steps that do not aggravate the environmental changes. 

Sustainable development is in vogue because of its eco-friendly nature. However, it should be such that it does not burn a hole in your pocket. So how can you bring sustainability to your abode? Simple changes in your interiors can bring significant changes, and you can replace the pollutants with suitable materials while designing your dream home. 

Here are some best sustainable alternatives, which are pocket friendly too: 

  • Bamboo 

Bamboo is one of the finest sustainable materials these days. Its affordability, aesthetic design, life, and eco-friendly nature make it desirable for modern designers. What makes bamboo sustainable? It grows faster and reduces deforestation as compared to compressed wood. 

Bamboo can be used for the ceiling, furniture, fencing, paneling, etc. This wood has a great life because it can withstand high and low temperatures, as also humidity, and you don’t even have to check its availability because it is abundant.

  • Mycelium 

Mycelium is the new buzz in the interior design industry. A material that is harder than concrete and almost weightless; sounds like a revolution. Mycelium is a mushroom material found in abundance, making it pocket friendly. 

Mycelium can be used in bricks, home decor, furniture, etc. This material is non-toxic, aesthetically pleasing, and fire resistant, which makes it more appealing. 

  • Terrazzo

Terrazzo is an amalgamation of different waste marble, stones, and glasses, all blended with a neutral binder. The exquisite appearance, heat, and water resistance make it ideal for flooring, wall decors, and kitchen and bathroom slabs. 

This material will save you an excessive amount while complimenting the minimalist design of your home. Terrazzo’s uniqueness lies in its unmatchable and quirky design.

  • Terracotta 

Do you want an upgrade in your interiors while maintaining the cultural essence? Terracotta is the new buzz. Terracotta has been part of the Indian lifestyle since the Indus valley civilization, and it is still in vogue. The shift towards an eco-friendly lifestyle has shed light on terracotta usage in tiles, decorative materials, and murals.   

Terracotta is a porous material and is not recommended to use in the bathroom or balcony. This material can keep your home cool and feels exceptionally comfortable. 

  • Bio-Glass 

Unlike ordinary glass, bio glass is an eco-intelligent material that is stronger, durable, and affordable. Bio glass is recycled glass that can be used as a tabletop, worktop, kitchen counter, decorative material, flooring, etc. Its properties like scratch and stain resistance make it the first choice of interior designers.

The Bottom Line 

Avoid using hazardous substances like plastic, silica, lead paints, etc. Instead, start using eco-friendly materials. Add life to your interiors without compromising environmental health. So, jump on the wise decision of using sustainable material for your abode. One right call can save your future generation from natural scarcity. So, what’s the hold now? Reach out to Team Colonelz and get your dream interior right away!


Build Homes with More Space Without Additional Costs: The Compact Home

Build Homes With More Space Without Additional Costs: The Compact Home

by Naomi |August 5, 2022 |7 Comments | Architecture, Interior Design

The concept of nuclear families with the increasing population in India has surged the demand for compact homes. Entailing every aspect of luxury and space, the trend for compact homes is extending the energy towards industry-specific areas.

Catering to the essence of your comfort, a compact home consists of a hall, bedroom, study, and a kitchen with attached washrooms and a balcony. Differing in sizes from 500 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft, compact houses are well-suited for small families for smart living.

Compact homes are perfect if you want to build your dream home with more space without additional costs. Depicting the epitome of making the most of your space, these homes are built keeping high-end designs while facilitating top-notch facilities. When the space for your dream home comes at a premium price, the compact homes are a saviour for your shelter and managing finances.

If you are considering building a home at a low cost, you must be aware of the crucial factors contributing to building budget-friendly dream homes.

Things to Consider to Build Dream Home at Minimal Cost

Building your home requires a lot of planning and budgeting goals. To alleviate your hustles, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Space Planning and Management

A spacious and open living plan is more prevalent when considering shifting to your new home. The positive vibes of new homes provide a more sociable living environment for you.

However, the more sq. ft. you chase, the more it costs you to build your home. For space planning in your home, the columns and structural walls in your home must have careful placement by a wise architect.

  1. A Simple Geometry

A home with more curves and complexities surely adds additional costs. So, it is better to quest for information about the cost of building your home for every design aspect. Keeping the design of your home simple and straight can cut costs, and working with professional architects reduces the additional costs of building your home.

  1. More Efficiency in the Floor Area

Undoubtedly, every sq. ft. contributes significantly to self-building your home. To reduce the footprint of your floor area, it is worthwhile to work with the best architects and make the most of your living space.

Being efficient with the floor area lets you build eco-friendly homes while maintaining luxurious space.

Summing Up

A professional design architect helps you find the best ways to plan and save while building your dream home. Instead of opting for self-building homes, going for compact homes with expert professionals can be the best option.

We, at Colonelz, help you build your compact home with the right architect and budget-friendliness. Understanding your requirements, our team reaches out to you to make the most of every sq. ft. for your dream home. We aim to transform your dream into reality while maintaining your finances and luxurious comfort. Give us a call right away to leverage our services.

Economically Smart Interior Design Ideas

by Naomi |May 27, 2022 |6 Comments | Interior Design

Converting your house into a beautifully decorated home, can be done without stretching financially. Often Money is the main constraint that keeps people from their dreams of having a splendid, breathtakingly beautiful house fructifying. 

Nowadays, the demand for interior design is exponentially increasing in the market, and consequently, the interior design cost is surging like never before. Hiring a qualified interior designer who knows nitty gritty of bringing the interior designing cost within your budget without sacrificing aesthetically, or in quality is desired by all. 

If you intend to limit your budget and then to have an aesthetically great home, read through the strategies listed below, to suitably align the cost of interior decoration. 

Some Great Ways to Alleviate the Interior Design Cost

1.Replace Paint with Wallpapers for your walls

Even though paint is a popular go-to option for most Indian households, wallpapers often impart a better visual treat at a price that doesn’t burden your pocket. Wallpapers give a gorgeous look to the room, catching the eyeballs, and offer the same visual as interior design on the wall. 

2. Use Metal Wall Art Decoration 

Metal wall art or wall decor decoration has gained popularity in interior design as people cherish them in their homes. They are made from simple iron, copper, and wrought iron materials. Some metal wall decors come with glowing LEDs, and a few of them have timeless designs. 

3. Avoid Investing in Extravagant Light Fixture

The market is flushed with exquisite lighting options in various price range. You can always choose the one which suits your budget. One should prefer simple light fixtures rather than complicated ones, which are often expensive. Moreover, you can also go for coloured LED lights that give a vibrant look to your house while being cost effective. Doesn’t it sound cool? Hire Colonelz as your interior designer today!! Our team has numerous more tips to save ample money on interior design without compromising on looks. 

4. Upgrading Furniture Upholstery 

Well thought of upholstery gives a beautiful and elegant look to your house. Furniture tends to elevate the overall look of your interior if planned well. It’s advisable to purchase during the sales at an exclusive discount. During the festival seasons, you can get the best deal. Therefore, rather than purchasing the new furniture, it’s better to change its upholstery only. Doesn’t that sound like a super cost-effective notion?

5. Purchase wicker baskets for storage

A wicker basket is a budget-friendly storage option to keep the kitchen groceries, especially all dry and daily essentials. Buy spacious storage baskets rather than making several cabinets in the kitchen. 

To Sum Up

We can demystify the critical hacks to mitigate the interior design expenses. If you have any interesting ideas, don’t hesitate to share them. If you want personalized suggestions for your interior design project, contact Colonelz. We would love to help you deliver the perfect customized solution following your requirements. 


Eco-Friendly Home Interior Design Ideas

by Naomi |May 13, 2022 |5 Comments | Interior Design, Uncategorized |

Sustainable interior designing is all about creating the right balance of all elements with the environment. In today’s era, when global warming, environmental degradation, and climate change have become the prime environmental concerns, it’s time to understand the extent of the situation seriously and take steady measures towards an eco-friendly tomorrow. 

To allay the effect of environmental issues, sustainable, thoughtful, and conducive interior design can be a crucial instrument for humankind. There is an old saying, “The concept of sustainability begins at home”. So, shouldn’t we start incorporating eco-friendly ideas while building or designing our homes? We introduce you to four astonishing ideas for making your home interiors, eco-friendly. 

Let’s see how we can make our tomorrow greener, by applying some sustainable interior designing ideas: – 

1. Let the Light In

If you incorporate natural light in the interior design of your home, it makes a huge difference. During winters, one can free the windows of heavy blinds and curtains to let the maximum natural light in. In case you don’t have windows in the house, the inclusion of lighting lamps made from eco-friendly bamboo is an apt idea to opt for. 

2.  Design Furniture Made of Natural Materials

We should prefer furniture made of natural or other sustainable materials. Keep the tables and chairs made from plastic moldings at bay. We can rely on Rattan furniture, which is entirely eco-friendly and can help you make a greener tomorrow. 

It gives an aesthetic look and perfectly aligns with today’s modern interior concepts. In addition, the blend of its nature-friendly quality and decent look makes it a more versatile option. Moreover, choosing the earthy color tone can be another upside of such furniture embracing the beauty of your interior. We can also use Rattan blinds to enhance the window beauty and the upcycled mirror frames.

3. Decorate & Beautify the House with Plants 

Undoubtedly, plants are the best for promoting an eco-friendly environment around our surroundings. Amplifying the beauty of your house with plants can filter out all the harmful chemicals from the air and provide fresh oxygen along with freshness, positivity, and ambiance. Bamboo palm and lilies plants work wonders in enhancing the indoor air quality. 

4. Prefer Non-Toxic Wall Paint

One should always prefer eco paints that don’t adversely impact the environment and people. They are also cost-effective and encompass no VOCs (Volatile Organic Components). It is not harmful to humans like many chemical paints are.


Besides the above, you can keep lots of fresh plants in your house that give you Positivity and fresh vibes, through the day. Let’s do our bit to make our world a better place and start from our home to make it sustainable. We hope these ideas for eco-friendly interior designs help you embrace nature and make your home environment-friendly. However, you may need experienced, sustainable interior designers to assist you. 

Being Experienced Interior Designers in Gurgaon, Colonelz recommends you go minimalistic in designing the interior of your home to enjoy a clutter-free home. This way, you may have a spacious and eye-catching home look. Let’s celebrate nature’s gift while taking a small step towards sustainability with Colonelz. We can assist you in creating luxurious natural looks in an environment friendly manner, for your home. For more insights on our services, get in touch with us. 

How to Make Your Home Senior Friendly?

by Naomi |May 10, 2022 |5 Comments | Interior Design

As your parents or loved ones enter their golden years, they become more prone to injuries, even within the house. Keeping them safe by innovative measures or house renovations are advisable. With a few modifications to the bedroom, stairs, furniture layout, and some realigned architectural changes, you can make your living space more convenient for your family’s elderly.

Here are the top 3 tweaks you can make to your home’s decor to help your loved ones prepare for their golden years.

  • Opt for Slip-Resistant Floors

Older adults (over the age of 60) are more prone to slips, trips, and falls. The body becomes more delicate and weaker as it ages, and it loses its ability to maintain a constant balance. Polished ceramic, marble, and tile floors are unsafe for older people. Moreover, the bathroom is a high-risk area for them. So to make this space safer, consider installing anti-slip floors. Pebble tiled floors are generally slip-resistant and can be a good option for your washroom.

  • Make a Well-Lit Home

Decent lighting can make it much easier for the senior people in the house to walk safely. Try to place a window next to the bed so that the bedroom gets plenty of natural light. Make sure that there are multiple bright lights around the house for maximum effect and uniformity in the evenings.

Furthermore, glistening surfaces, such as granite kitchen countertops or gleaming glass tabletops, can cause blinding glares while reflecting the light. So replace them with a matte finish, or use accessories like table mats or runners to minimize the effect.

  • Invest in Higher Bed & Furniture

Low furniture might make it difficult for senior citizens to get up or sit without any support, and therefore, a higher bed is recommended. Select furniture having standard height and avoid on-the-floor diwans or low-seating dining tables. When it comes to their bedroom, a good thumb rule is to look for a bed with a height that helps their feet reach the floor when sitting on the mattress’s edge. Or you can also invest in a thick mattress to raise the height of the bed. Go for a padded headboard that provides superb cushioning to rest against comfortably.

Colonelz: We Help You Make Your Place Safe for Your Loved Ones

Small details in furniture, décor, and lighting around the house make a significant difference in the elderly’s safety and quality of life. At Colonelz, we fulfill the commitments related to the interior we make. We aim to create beautiful designs and furniture that are timeless and safeguard your loved ones. We offer a wide range of services from construction to interior design, architectural services, and modern executive/designer furniture. If you want to make your place safe for your seniors, reach us today and get assistance in a jiffy.

Why Should You Ensure Professional Space Planning In Your Home?

by Naomi |May 10, 2022 |5 Comments | Interior Design

“Home is where the heart is”- This well-written expression outlines that home is a place that gives you an escape from the world’s intrusiveness or humdrum. Whether big or small, every place you own is special because you have put in your time, money and effort to obtain it. A house without space structuring may end up giving negative vibes all around. Space planning is considered to be the best when the placement of all objects in the house seems obvious and puts everyone on cloud nine.

In an urban area, residential spaces have been gradually shrinking over a period, causing a price spike. Consequently, people can’t afford bigger spaces and end up with smaller living areas. Here, the need for interior designers with expertise in space planning arises. Majority of home buyers are not conversant with the methodology & importance of space planning. We have come up with this write-up highlighting the importance of space planning or why it should never be ignored in your home.

  1. Make Your Space Organized: It is a very common sight in most households, especially when people are leaving for work, one is not able to locate things required to be carried. Same happens during emergencies. The main contributor to this chaos is that various spaces in the house are not well organized. It’s quite common to keep placing our belongings wherever we get the place and later go through the hassles of locating them. Hiring an experienced interior designer can resolve this issue, with structured space planning, and customized interior spaces, with dedicated places for various items. Thus, making your house seamlessly organized.
  2. Clutter Free: Decluttering the house becomes an exceedingly difficult task, especially in those houses with poor or no space planning. Hiring interior designers aid in the space management of your entire house. You may get rid of the cluttering issue in the house once and for all.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Most people dream about designing their house by themselves, but they can’t make it happen as it requires expertise and space planning knowledge. When you choose interior designers, they help you make your ideas live. They suggest more practical, as also appealing designs & how they can be implemented for every room in the house. Professional interior designers observe each and every corner of your house to give it a smart look and optimize the space without any ado.

One could not over reiterate the significance of space planning. You must keep in mind that space optimization is an important ingredient of interior designing wherein with loads of education, training, learning & experience, designers craft the strategies on how to use limited space most effectively. It is normal for one to feel as Jack of all Trades, however, Jack cannot produce the zing you have been looking for in your house. Hence, we always emphasize that hiring an experienced interior designer is the smarter way to design, as also organize your house.

Colonelz- Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Colonelz has a perfect in-house team of Professionally outstanding Interior Designers, who offer outstanding interior designing and space planning services. We are committed to fulfilling your requirements and enabling you to have an exceptional experience. Be it residential or commercial; our services are available in both domains. You can reach out to us to get your home uniquely designed, in the most scientific, as also Vaastu compliant manner.

Interior Designing

Vastu Shastra in Interior Designing

by Naomi |February 23, 2022 |11 Comments | Interior Design |

The only thing Constant is Change. With modernisation, new ideas, concepts, and plans in interior design keep getting incorporated. Houses are no more that simple or traditional structures. Today’s gen prefers luxury and uniqueness in the designs, as also.

Genesis of Vastu Shastra is believed to be somewhere between 6000 BC and 3000 BC.  Vaastu Shastra explains the Indian system of architecture as it involves concepts related to designing buildings by utilizing the geographical and locational features of space while including the impact of sunlight, heat, wind directions, position of the moon, and the earth’s magnetic fields. In this article, we will look at the science behind Vastu Shastra, and what a Vastu designer does differently to your space compared to a normal design.

Vastu Shastra: The Science of Aligning Energies for Harmony

To better understand why Vaastu professionals are so useful when you are planning to design your house or room or even an office, we must know a bit about the ancient Indian science of Vaastu.

Vastu Shastra is built around the foundation that the earth is a living organism, through and within which other living species and organic forms emerge. Of all nine planets in the solar system, the earth remains the only planet where life is possible. Have you ever wondered why it is possible? Simply because of the presence of five elements of nature namely, Aakash (Space/sky), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (water) and Bhoomi (Earth).

Vaastu professionals analyze the energy within your space and apply Vaastu principles to maximize your wellbeing. For example, they work in collaboration with your interior designer to determine the spaces in which certain objects of furniture must be placed to eliminate the negative energy from dissipating around the house.

Therefore, while planning and designing the house, a Vaastu expert who can map out the positioning of various elements to optimize the health, prosperity, wellbeing and harmony within the house and residents can be helpful.

Some Vaastu Tips for Your Home

As per Vaastu Shastra’s principles, the placement of plants indoors can add to the beauty of the household as well as keep house members connected with nature. Experts suggest plants should be kept in the southeast corner of the room for luck and prosperity. You can decorate the interiors by keeping money plants in colourful bottles or creating a green vertical wall with creepers. The money plant shouldn’t be placed outside in the balcony area.

Another well-known principle is that the entrance of the house should be in the east direction because it aligns with the direction of the sunrise, which opens the door to light and positivity.

Colours can have both negative and positive effects on the energy within the house. So avoid colours that attract negative energies. Hues of yellow, orange, and green work for the kitchen, but avoid blue colour as per Vaastu. Shades of yellow or pink can be used in the bedroom, but darker colours like purple or red should be discarded straight away.

Final Words

These are just a few tips that would help, but the role of Vaastu is very vast, and a specialist in its principles like Vaastu experts at Colonelz can best guide you towards a house design that gives out the right vibes that let in positivity and prosperity. To know more, book an appointment for free assistance right away!


Home Automation – The Changing Paradigm of Interior Design?

by Naomi |February 2, 2022 |160 Comments | Interior Design |

Technology has evolved drastically. Quality Interior Designers are accordingly enhancing the automation tech to build amazing and beautiful homes. Top notch Cos like Honeywell are creating smart home gadgets that we as interior designers use to make your space truly automated. Interior designers are using this cutting-edge technology to take the clients to another level of class. Designers aim at producing peaceful and relaxing ambience for certain rooms and vibrant and active in some. Interior design must be Stylish and Functional, to be tagged as “Smart Interior Design”. As homeowners we want a beautiful space that is soothing and comfortable.

What is home automation?

The automatic and computerised control of household features, activities, and appliances is referred to as “Home Automation.” In other words, it means you can effortlessly handle your home’s utilities and functions over the Internet, making life easy and secure while also saving Time, Effort & Money.

What is the role of Home Automation?

Home automation plays a significant role in building smart houses that make life easier for the occupants. It enables you to take advantage of advanced features and technologies.

Convenience: One of the most significant benefits of home automation is convenience. All of this add up to making life easier, from managing devices using an app to switching on the lights with a voice command.

Improved Security: One of the most important functions of home automation is to improve security. From smart doorbells to cameras, there are a plethora of options for smartly securing a home while simultaneously keeping an eye on it from afar.

Energy Efficiency: Smart houses are built while keeping energy efficiency in mind. It is beneficial not only to the residents but also to the environment. Devices adapt themselves to provide optimal comfort and cutoff to conserve energy when not in use by sensing the temperature outside. All of this is fully automated.

Homes have become smarter, and the credit goes to home automation. Many people have found it to be a source of comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. Home automation is improving daily as technology and innovation advance.

Key Elements of Home Automation

There are numerous smart solutions available that help in creating a smart interior house.

Smart Touch Switches

Smart touch switches can be used to create an intelligent home interior. These are incredibly easy to use and can be controlled remotely. These switches can communicate with the smartphone via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or an application. These switches are shock-free, making them safe for young children to use, and they can even be used with damp hands.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is no longer only about turning on and off your light with your phone; it is constantly growing. Now, intelligent lighting is about saving energy and money as well. Smart lighting uses motion sensors to switch on and off, detecting whether or not someone is in the room. When there is movement in the room, they will turn on, and when there isn’t, they will switch off. This method helps in saving money on power.

Final Takeaway

Smart homes are quickly becoming a need for all homeowners. Their house is being converted into a smart home. These smart homes are really easy to use, and you can control them from anywhere on the globe. Interior designers are increasingly redefining how a home is designed to create a smart home. People, all around the world, are now linked online, and they want their homes to be as well. You can turn on and off your lights from anywhere in the globe with a smart home.

Interior Designing To Boost Your Mental Health

by Naomi |January 11, 2022 |85 Comments | Interior Design

Interior designing and human psychology have always been closely connected. In fact, Psychology is part and parcel of all interior designing, so as to customise the space as per your functional and cognitive needs. Our brains associate with colours, shapes, patterns, artistic expressions, and decorative elements; thus, your space is the projection of your soul.  Here we aim to add more to your understanding of how interior designing generates an emotional experience. Some very interesting facts we should explore to understand how crucial is interior designing to your mental health and mood are elucidated. 

Colours Rejuvenate Mood

Every colour has a mood-altering impact on humans. Colour shades of red, orange and yellow are considered warm and elevate creativeness, positivity, and internal energy. Yellow is recommended for the study room as it aids in improving creativity and focus. Emphasising depth, stability, and serenity, umber, grey, and moss green are apt for bedroom walls. In contrast to this, green, purple, and blue have a cooling effect and signify a deception of depth. These colours can be paired with hues of orange to create an illusion of a spacious room. 

Space Planning Gives Soothing Effect

Interior experts tailor your home for proper utilisation of space and add elements like mirrors & doors or windows that create a calming and peaceful effect. It is said that an open space results in an open mind that would bring in positivity in your thoughts and personality while cocooning yourself in a tiny, dark room would affect your mentality by inducing negative thoughts. 

Natural Lighting Replenishes Your Energy

A room drenched in a plenty of natural light can be a mood lifter. Several research studies have proved that sunlight is energising and motivating. People who prefer to stay in dark rooms or are inclined towards artificial light lack vitality, have high anxiety levels and have poor productivity. 

Plants & Flowers Elevates Positivity

Every designer recommends adding natural embellishment in the interiors through indoor plants. They not only are natural air filters but also help in making you centred and relaxed. The fragrance of flowers can be mood-lifting and helps in reducing depressions and negativity. Their aesthetic beauty can have a pronounced calming and relaxing effect on the space while filling you with positive vibes. 

Feng Shui for Reaping Psychological Benefits

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese geomancy that commemorates natural elements, such as wood, water, earth, metal, and fire. Modern interior designers incorporate and infuse them in numerous ways. For instance, candles, lanterns, and a fireplace allow you to add fire to your home interior. Open windows and chimneys make your space breathable. In addition to this, rain showers and deep baths bring in water and give a therapeutic benefit to you. All these facilitate some winds of psychological benefits and bring harmony by providing a blissful, comfy interior space that resonates with your personality and calms your nerve after a long working day. 

To end on a high note, we just want to emphasise that interior designing is not just creating plans and sketches but making you feel safe, protected, and accepted. It’s about making you feel warmed and welcomed when you step into your personal space. If this is not the case, then it’s high time to rethink your home’s interior. 

Being a highly rated interior designing firm, we are successfully delivering projects that reflect the personality of our clients. Our team of well-learned experts understands the anatomy of space and are acquainted with how to design the interior that would make a huge difference in your mental health. Get professional design assistance from Colonelz right away!

Prevent Stress: Stay Clutter Free

by Naomi |August 2, 2021 |4 Comments | Interior Design |

In many homes and offices one could find cupboards bursting with material stuffed in haphazard manner, which generally is of no or rare use. These may seem harmless, however a lot of proven research say that clutter and disheveled space has significant negative effect on the human brain. Cluttering can cause unbearable heaviness. Our brains like seeing things in order. Shabby spaces reduce our brains’ ability to focus, by draining our cognitive resources.

Feelings of stress, anxiety and depression can also be induced due to clutter. A research in United States in 2009 found that the levels or cortisol (or stress hormone) were higher in mothers who were living in a cluttered home environment. Clutter can also trigger various physical and psychological changes which effect the human health and behaviour.

Some of the most drastic negative effects that clutter can cause in human life are:

  • Poor eating choices
  • Physical pain
  • Loss of sleep
  • Increased anxiety levels
  • Decreased productivity
  • Interference in relationships
  • Lesser sense of freedom

It is therefore essential to maintain a space which is clutter-free. Our home is not just a space to stay, it is your inner reflection. It is very important that we de-clutter our living space in order to gain maximum benefits form the environment we are staying in.

Benefits of a Clutter Free Home

  • Saves time on cleaning
  • Improves sleep
  • Better eating habits
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Induces a sense of accomplishment
  • Fills your mind with gratitude
  • Increases concentration
  • Builds better relationships

Here are some easy to do hacks which shall help you be clutter free.

  • Add Dividers in Your Closet Spaces

The top shelf of a closet usually lacks compartments. Make neat piles out of folded clothes, bed sheets or towels and add in the dividers. This will prevent your clothes from getting mixed up into each other even in the topmost shelf of your closet.

  • Use Area Rugs Wisely

A well carpeted floor, topped with an area rug, is an interesting decor piece. However, too many area rugs can make your home look cluttered. Use area rugs sparingly, so as to give a neat and de-cluttered look to your living space.

  • Avoid Hoarding Old Newspapers

Discard any paper that no longer serves you a purpose. Do not keep unnecessary paper stacked in a place or just lying around. Instead, give used papers for recycling. This way, you will de-clutter your home and also contribute towards saving the environment by not burning the papers or throwing them away in a garbage bin.

  • Hide Your Cables in a Cardboard Box

Every household has a number of wires and cords lying around the gadgets. These cord clutter are quite annoying and distracting. To get rid of this, use a cardboard box to hide any cable that is lying around. This will give a neat look to the multiple cords in use.

Designing a home conducive for storage is indeed essential. One needs to have sufficient organized storage space in their wardrobe, shelves and rooms. At Colonelz, our experts design your space in such a way that you have enough area to keep your house de-cluttered. Visit our website to give your living space a clutter free makeover.

Create an Aesthetic Space for Coffee Lovers

by Naomi |July 28, 2021 |3 Comments | Interior Design |

From a group of friends to couples to working professionals, nobody minds stopping by a coffee shop. A coffee shop usually attracts a wide variety of customers. The interior of a coffee shop plays a major role in engaging guests. An elevated aesthetic look and increased comfort can urge customers to become loyal patrons.

You can create an alluring space for your business with these coffee shop interior decor ideas:

  • Create an interior that reflects your brand and mission.
  • Emanate an ambience that is apparent to your patrons.
  • Choose your lighting wisely. Use organic lights to conserve energy.
  • Make the space interactive and Insta-worthy.

You can give a great aesthetic look to your coffee shop interior by incorporating the following themes:

  • Industrial Style Interior

Take inspiration from factories, warehouses and other interior spaces. Opt for a colour palette which includes hues like grey, black, tan, white or maroon. Here’s all that you need to include in your decor:

  • Exposed architecture
  • Metal accents
  • Block shapes
  • Squared lines
  • Mechanical components
  • Use of vintage components
  • Mid-Century Interior

In the mid-century, from 1930s through 1960s, materials were celebrated for their uniqueness. Explore new materials in the light of new technology, while still celebrating traditional ones. For the hues, stick to neutral colours like light greys, browns and creams. Include these decor pieces to give your coffee shop a classic mid-century look:

  • Unique or contrasting materials
  • Clean lines
  • Organic and geometric shapes
  • Tables and chairs with tapered legs
  • Cozy and convenient furniture
  • Rustic Interior

This tone of interior will feature organic and natural elements. Country or farmhouse decor is also apt for creating an in-the-woods atmosphere. Neutral colours such as tan, cream, brown and green give an aesthetic rustic essence. Use the following to amp up the rustic feel of your coffee shop:

  • Lots of natural elements like real plants and flowers
  • A mix of different types of wood
  • Galvanized planters
  • Farmhouse components
  • Emphasis on rugged beauty
  • Vintage Interior

The vintage decor includes styles from a variety of decades. It draws inspiration from the past and emanates a romantic, charming atmosphere. You can play with pastel or faded colours like burgundy, light orange, peach, mustard, yellow and sea green for creating a vintage look. Enhance your vintage coffee shop interior with these decor pieces:

  • Floral accents and wallpapers
  • Mahogany wood
  • Stained glass lamps
  • Elegant patterns and designs
  • Distressed couches and chairs
  • Vintage luggage
  • Pieces with ornate elements
  • Tablecloths with intricate patterns
  • Modern Interior

Modern style decor is a fairly new concept. This style follows function which means all furniture and decor pieces should feel very 20th century. Modern interior is simple but with a practical and intentional purpose. A modern environment can be created in a coffee shop by using colours like brown, taupe, cream or pure white. You can include the below mentioned decor pieces to give your cafe a modern look:

  • Smooth surfaces with crisp lines
  • Very light or dark wood tones
  • Clean and organized pieces without any clutter
  • A blend of comfortable and sophisticated elements
  • Clean metal accents
  • Lack of intricate detailing

Adhering to any of these styles, you can also include these decor accents in your cafe to make the space more engaging and immersive:

  • Magazines and books
  • Artwork
  • Tableware
  • Music

At Colonelz, we have a variety of interior decor ideas best suited to the unique need of our customers.  Our team of professionals focuses on your requirements to create a space which compliments your concept and use.

Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Marriage

by Naomi |July 23, 2021 |3 Comments | Interior Design |

As a Principal, we at Colonelz don’t use Chinese material. However, deriving from Chinese learning is a different ballgame. Feng Shui is not like the Cunning Communist China we know. Its a great 3000 year old art and science, meaning “wind and water”. The Chinese culture associates both wind and water with good health. They are said to spread and promote positive vibes. From studies to professional success to happy marriage – Feng Shui tips come in handy in every aspect of life.

Marriage is an Institution, which needs whole hearted participation by both. Couples need to constantly keep working towards it to keep it smooth. Time, the greatest healer, is also the cause for losing the zing in each other. Romance, an extremely important constituent of a successful marriage tends to fade with time. Marriages must be able to withstand the test of time.

We bring to you, 4 Feng Shui tips that could help you lead a happier married life:

  • De-clutter

Clutter signifies chaos and disorder. A cluttered room symbolizes a cluttered mind, absolutely avoidable in married life. Remove all clutter from the bedroom. This will channel the energy flow inside the house properly. Keeping unnecessary things at bay also brings closure to the past and keeps any negative energies away.

  • Beds – Rock or Rocking

A bed is an essential part of a couple’s bedroom, specially for the newly weds. It can rock your marriage, or make it a Rocking marriage. According to Feng Shui, getting the right arrangement and atmosphere inside the bedroom is very important. The bed should:

  • Be accessible from all directions, at least 3.
  • Should not be pushed to a corner of the room.
  • Not be placed directly under light beams.
  • Not be oversized.
  • Should not be below a RCC Beam.

Couples should never sleep with their feet pointed towards the door. Mirrors should not be placed on either side of the bed. Best directions for the head while sleeping, are East & South.

  • Natural Vibrance- Use Decorative Plants

Flowers symbolize love, life and beauty. Decorating the bedroom with small flowering plants / bushes is a great idea. However, they should be placed only in the South West.

If you can’t take care of real plants, go in for plants made of silk. If you plant real flowers, make sure you water them regularly and periodically remove dead leaves. Avoid any kind of thorny or prickly plants like cactus.

  • Choose Appropriate Colours

In Chinese metaphysics, colours are said to have a certain significance in creating a harmonious home. The five natural elements are represented by different colours.

For the newly weds, Pink or light shades of red are deemed best for the bedroom. It is good for other couples too, as these represent love and romance. You can have curtains and bed sheets in the same colour palette too. One could restrict the use of colours like white and light blue, as these project cold and clinical look and feel.

Marriage is a life long commitment for the success of which,  couples have to make concerted efforts. It is very important to keep the romance alive. Do not complicate your married life by creating an atmosphere that channelizes negative energy around you. These Feng Shui tips will help create a better environment for you and your spouse.

An average human spends almost 25 years of his life sleeping, i.e., in their bedroom.

Our Professionals at Colonelz consider all Feng Shui tips, while creating your bedroom, to help you channelize positive energy. Looking forward to partnering with you.

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4 Interior Hacks for a Vastu – Friendly Kitchen

by Naomi |July 14, 2021 |50 Comments | Interior Design | ,

Believe it or not, the heart of your home is a fizzing pot of energy. Vastu Shastra – the ancient Indian spatial science – focuses on harnessing the positive vibes from your kitchen and transmitting it into the other spheres of your life. A kitchen that’s Vastu compliant is not only a supremely hygienic space to cook up meals, but is also considered to –

  • Welcome abundance into your home
  • Boost health and wellbeing of the family members
  • Aid in the resolution of family feuds.

So, we are here with a few tips and tricks from our interior experts to help you build a Vastu – friendly kitchen.

Let’s get started already!

  1. The power of placement

According to the Vastu scriptures, Agni Dev, or the Hindu Lord of Fire lives in the Southeast location of your home. It’s considered to be the best position to build your kitchen as a homage to Agni Dev. Your fire source in the kitchen, whether it is your gas stove, induction, or microwave oven, is best placed in the Southeast direction. Place the cooking hob is a way that one has to face the East while cooking for best health. It is considered inauspicious to place the hob at the very entrance of the kitchen.

Lord Kubera – The Lord of Wealth, resides in the Northern direction of your home. So unless you want to set your wealth on fire, it is best to avoid building your kitchen in this location.

  1. Don’t let elements mingle

The kitchen is the principal playground for fire and water – the two most essential elements to sustain life. However, one should keep in mind that these are two antagonistic elements. So, they must not clash and must be treated with equal respect and honor.

Build an L-shaped counter for your kitchen. Keep one arm for the hob – the fire element, and the other for your sink – the water element. Water elements like the sink and water purifier are best placed in the Northeast direction of the kitchen. Replace leaky faucets immediately and keep your sink squeaky clean. Try not to dump your used utensils for days.

  1. Air it out

Speaking of elements, Vastu is pivoted in the principle of striking balance and pays special attention to the science of cross ventilation – the element of air. The free flow of air is created by incorporation at least two windows to flush out the steamy hot air and fill the space with fresh cooling air.

Chimneys and exhausts are best kept to the east side of the kitchen to expel out negativity tainted gases and air.

  1. Organize as your life depends on it

Vastu interprets clutter as the biggest Nemesis of peace and harmony in the household. So, keep your kitchen paraphernalia as immaculately organized as possible. Invest in organizers and shelf dividers to make space and organize neatly.

Vastu Shastra is gaining global fame for its thoughtful principles that are now being explored by modern science extensively. Want to give your home a Vastu-compliant makeover, get in touch with our interior experts well-versed in the art and science of Vastu.

Visit www.colonelz.com.

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Effects of Room Decor on Learning

by Naomi |June 29, 2021 |3 Comments | Interior Design |

Makeover of the Study Room, is one of the most interesting experience. You can experiment with the textures, colors, and home settings. Thoughtful decor in the study room makes you think creatively and enhances productivity. It should be functional enough to fulfill your burning desire to achieve your goals by attaining knowledge. Study spaces should be settled in excellence in terms of objects, colors, and furnishing. 

Incorrect interiors and decorations can emerge as a major point of distraction. A soothing environment contributes to your productivity and executes outstanding performances. Mindful management of the space increases its utility while adding to the overall aesthetics of the space. Over stuffing the room with unnecessary furniture and decorative elements averts your concentration. 

Distracting Elements in the Study Room

While you prepare to reach your goals, certain distracting elements can pull you down consistently. Discard these objects out of your study room:


We place multiple masterpieces in the rooms in the hope of adding to the aesthetics. Although they beautify the surroundings but create visual distractions as well. Placing minimal decors generates happy and zesty vibes in the room. Avoid all types of clutter. 


Mobile usage leads to a passive mind and is a major distractor. To be attentive for work, keep your phones at a distance. Similarly, keep televisions and Play stations as far as possible, from the study area. This approach can help sharpen your memory by increasing your concentration. 

What to Focus on Your Studies?

1. Location of the Room

The foremost step is to find the right location for work from home or study space, as it is of fundamental importance to enable you to stay focused. To make the most of the study room, find a suitable location with fascinating outdoor view. Maintain an optimum temperature in the room. You should not feel too cozy nor restless. Let sunlight come into the room to evoke positive energy and prevent you from feeling lethargic. 

2.Flexible Space 

Studying or working with concentration requires a refreshment break. Keep enough free space for occasional stretches and brief walks within the room. It gives you a healthy break without causing much distraction. To make the most of your space, trust Colonelz’s designing expertise. We optimize the study room to have the best of aesthetics and functionality. 

3.Interior Decoration 

It is important to install the right furniture for comfortable seating. Decorate your room with attractive elements. Pastel-colored themes in the interiors create a calm and soothing space. Consider incorporating natural elements like rattan furniture and greenery. 

4.Colourful Linen

Studying requires consistent motivation and you have to be persistent in achieving your goals. In proven scientific studies, colors are found to be great mood enhancers. According to color psychology, green color promotes calm and peace. It eventually increases your focus and attention. On the contrary, the color red provokes excitement. Decorate your room with favorable colorful linen that are aesthetically pleasing. 

5.Being Organised 

A messy room is the biggest nemesis of productivity. Customize your bookshelves for your convenience. The shelves near the window encourage peaceful and joyous study. Your personal choices hold huge accountability for a great learning experience. 

Deviating from the determination to stay focused? We help you build a spacious and cozy space in your home. Contact Colonelz today!

Visit https://www.colonelz.com 

Realign Your Bedroom

HAVE A SOUND SLEEP – Realign Your Bedroom

by Naomi |May 20, 2021 |0 Comments | Interior Design |

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of nightly sleep to reboot your system for the next day. Mind you, sleep at nigh, can not be compensated adequately, by dy time sleep. Multiple studies have proven that deep, peaceful sleep is the key to better physiological and psychological well being. The ambiance and vibe of our bedroom play an essential role in improving our quality of sleep.

These are some expert tips to improve the look and feel of your bedroom for better sleep.

  1. Cut the clutter!

There is a strong correlation between clutter and stress. A 2009 study found that clutter acted as a catalyst in shooting up cortisol (stress hormone) levels in new mothers. It is well known that stress, anxiousness, and depression disrupt sleep. Keep your bedroom neat and clean and clutter-free. It is often easier said than done, but you can, with practice. Taking a minimal approach when it comes to furnishings in your bedroom can help. Spend 5-10 minutes in the day to organize your bedroom. Do up your bed every morning. Even if the day goes bad, you will have a nice bed to welcome you. Doesn’t sound that stressful, does it?

  1. Location matters

While designing your home, make sure not to place your bedroom close to the garage, entertainment area, or television room. The southwest corner of your home is the most ideal location to build your master bedroom. Northwest is also great for guest bedrooms or children’s bedrooms according to Vastu Shastra. If you live in an apartment, consider soundproofing your bedroom to improve sleep. Using removable Carpets can also help reduce sounds that adversely impact your sleep. However, its cleanliness is very important to avoid mites. SE is the Agni (Fire) Kon (corner), suitable for Kitchen. Avoid bedroom here.

  1. The Bed Makes The Difference

Feng shui warns against the use of metal beds. It is believed to exude cold, negative energy which is not conducive for healthy, peaceful sleep. Avoid beds with storage as it harbors bad feng shui. However, if you are short of space, ensure that the storage is immaculately organized.

Wooden beds are considered to be the best option. Avoid beds that are divided from the center. It can create problems in your love life. Vastu Shastra suggests placing the bed against the east or southern wall of the bedroom. Head towards West or South, are the best options. The door should not be in line with the bed. Mirrors should not reflect the image of your bed.

  1. Headboard Hunk

Headboard extends support and stability for your head and back. It also protects you from wall abrasions. Get an upholstered headboard that is strong and gentle at the same time. Make sure the headboard is solid with no divisions in the center.

  1. Size Matters

Avoid designing a bedroom that is too big in comparison to or your house. It often gives a vulnerable feel to the occupier and as you snooze, large spaces can make you feel less in control of your surroundings. Resultantly, people sleep in a high-alert mode which prevents them from getting deep sleep.

  1. Create a Soothing Color Palette

Soothing colors that are abundantly found in nature are considered the best colors for your bedroom. Use soothing shades of calming blue, gray, and green. Our favorite color for bedrooms is light shades of blue, as studies show it calms your heart rate and brings down your blood pressure to prepare you for sleep.

Sleep is like a cat: It only comes to you if you ignore it

You spend 30 percent of your life sleeping! Invest in your bedroom and get it designed professionally by our interior experts.


Tips To Give Your Home A Productive Makeover

by Naomi |April 19, 2021 |3 Comments | architectural agency, Architecture, Interior Design |

Our homes have turned into a lot more than refuge within the past year owing to the ongoing testing times. Most of us have not only acclimated to the once novel concept of work-from-home but have also got a little bored.

So, we are here with superb ideas to give your home office a quick and quirky makeover that not only feels fresh and exciting but also boosts your productivity. Whether you have a palatial home office or have turned the space under your staircase into your conference, you could incorporate these ideas effortlessly.


  1. Welcome greenery

A famous study conducted in the United Kingdom reveals that welcoming plants into the workspace can increase productivity by up to 15%! Plants are also a healthy and economical way to purify the air of your home which adds to your well-being (which is more significant than ever at this point).

Some of the beginner-friendly plants that are recommended by NASA for air purification are –

  • Spider plant
  • Snake plant
  • Areca palm
  • Boston fern
  • Rubber plant

If you are short of space then go the Pinterest way and decorate your desk space with a compact and super-cute succulent. Plants also have a calming effect on your mind and reduce stress significantly.

  1. Natural Light

Natural sunlight is not just the best source of Vitamin D that keeps your teeth and bones strong but also has a significant impact on mental health and wellness. Sunlight boosts moods and keeps anxiety and sleepiness at bay, thereby, enhancing productivity dramatically.

So, make sure your home office has large windows that flood the space with warm sunshine. Make sure to hang lightweight, curtains that filter out the harshness of the summer sun without blocking it completely.

But, what about those for whom a window is not plausible? We have a nifty solution for you too! Invest in high-quality artificial white light that emits short wavelengths of blue light to imitate natural sunshine. It is sure to keep you alerts throughout the day. 

  1. Use vertical space smartly

Create the illusion of space by keeping the floor of your room as to free as possible. Wondering where to stack your million files and books? Well, what’s that wall for! You can either invest in wall-mounted shelves or turn wire baskets into DIY shelves.

When it comes to your desk, be smart about it and go for a wall-mounted desk. Speaking of a desk, make sure to keep it free from clutter.

  1. A statement wall

Keep your workspace from looking boring. It is a simple way to invigorate your mood and give you a sense of joy amidst the gloomy times. While an accent wall featuring bright colors and interesting texture is a classic, we are all for experimenting with a new idea. Instead of the run-of-the-mill wall color, have it painted in black chalk paint or a pastel shade depending on your preference, and use it as your cool to-do board. Stay organized and stylish at the same time.


Want to give your home office a professional makeover? The Colonelz team is just a call away! It is not just an investment for your home but also an investment for your career and productivity.

Visit www.colonelz.com NOW!

Flooring to Floor you – Tile trends 2021

by Naomi |April 17, 2021 |4 Comments | Interior Design | ,

The flooring takes up the lion’s share of the real estate which makes it have a significant impact on the aesthetics of the space. A modern architectural infrastructure is incomplete without impeccable flooring featuring chic tiles.

Tiles – History and evolution 

The earliest evidence of decorative tiles has been unearthed from Egypt, dating back from 4000 BC. Closer home, Mesopotamians started to design ceramic tiles for furnishing around 14000 BC. And, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that tiles became commonplace in Europe. The Industrial Revolution is credited for the mass production of tiles which made it accessible to the middle classes as well.

In our own Indus Vally Civilisation too, Tiled floor having geometrical and floral patterns have been discovered in one of the houses at Kalibangan – 4500 years old!

Tiles have emerges as one of the choicest flooring options in the recent years for the following reasons –

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Water-resistant
  • A plethora of designs to choose from

Trendy Tiles that are taking the Designing world by a storm in 2021

Want to give your home a quick and affordable yet impactful makeover? Swapping out your old tiles with any of these trendy ones will breathe new life into your space. Wondering where to find the best tiling experts? We are just a call away.

Let’s have a look at the trendiest tiles.

  1. Terracotta 

Terracotta tiles impart a warm tone, earthy feel, and rugged texture to the flooring which has rustic chic undertones. They are a modern and uber-stylish way to celebrate our roots. The earthy tones of terracotta play beautifully with neutral beige and white as well as muted tones of peach, pink, mustard, red, and cerulean blue. They are perfect to complement bohemian, coastal, and minimal style interiors.

  1. Marble 

Natural marble stone exudes opulence and luxury. Unfortunately, the delicate natural stone is prone to cracking. Its porous nature makes it susceptible to staining and it calls for high maintenance. Plus, it doesn’t come cheap (to put it lightly).

The solution? Marble tiles. They emulate the look of marble flawlessly and sometimes they even look better than the real thing. The best part is that they are super easy to maintain and relatively affordable.

  1. Metallic 

If extravagance (on a budget!) is what you are looking for then these stunners are a must-have. The high-shine, metallic finish imparts an ethereal glow to your space and stands as a statement on its own. Keep the interiors minimal and clutter-free to let the tiles do all the talking.

  1. Terrazzo 

They say trends come back and terrazzo is a living example. The flooring style has been in use for a few centuries now and they are back. The speckled tiles are delightful and add a sense of fun and cheerfulness to the interiors. Modern terrazzo tiles can be found in neutral colors with bases of grey, black or white that are speckled with contracting neutrals.

  1. Art deco 

For those of you who want your flooring to emulate modern art, art deco tiles are your best bet. They are an absolute stunner with their artistic and exuberant pattern. These hard floors are best left without a rug or carpet and require little to no accessories.

No matter what your style is, we can incorporate that into the flooring of your space. These tiles are not only great for home interiors but are also fabulous for professional spaces. Want a free demo?

Visit https://www.colonelz.com/   NOW!

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Industrial Chic: 10 Elements To Infuse It Into Your Space

by Naomi |April 1, 2021 |331 Comments | Interior Design |

Industrial Style – An investigation 

Industrial chic emerged in the late 70s when old industrial establishments built in the late 19th and 20th centuries were transformed into residential spaces. As time passed by, the raw appeal of these unfinished interiors caught top residential architect’s fancy.

With the arrival of the 21st century, industrial-chic was elevated to become a coveted design aesthetic that was characterized by expansive open spaces, edgy décor, and sparse functional furniture.

5 quintessential industrial elements 

top interior designers

Want to give your home a minimal makeover that makes a statement? Here are 5 elements that are quintessentially industrial that will give your home an industrial chic upgrade in a jiffy.

  1. A marriage of metal and wood 

Achieve the stripped-down look with minimal furniture crafted out of wood and metal. Wood that features a beautiful grain pattern that is enhanced with a rich stain brings out the natural beauty of wood.

When it comes to the metal, instead of going for the run-of-the-mill chrome finish, look for –

  • Modern matte black finishes.
  • Brushed metal finish, especially, brushed nickel.
  • And, rich copper tones.

You can introduce these metallic elements in the guise of furniture, bathroom & kitchen fixtures, decor pieces, chandelier, doors and windows.

  1. Bare-to-the-brick 

Save yourself some cash and skip the wall putty. Exposed bricks exude a no-frills, gritty charm that’s very distinct to industrial-chic interiors. If your walls are already plastered, then consider using faux brick wall stickers to achieve the look.

  1. Nuance of Neutrals 

When it comes to the color palette of an industrial-inspired home, it is best to stick to neutral, muted tones. Some of the best colors that exude the charm of industrial chic are –

  • Khaki green or olive
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Dark brown
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Maroon

Industrial palettes have a rustic appeal to them that miles away from pastels and bright colors. However, if you are a fan of softer hues then consider introducing pops of color and pastels to bring out the beauty of contrast.

  1. Cool with concrete 

Concrete is an integral element of industrial chic that has a stellar impact. Replace polished granite or marble counter-tops with rustic concrete for an uber-cool look. Concrete floors are also on the rise. The coolness of concrete is often juxtaposed against plush leather or faux fur to create a stunning impact. You can also take baby steps with DIY concrete décor elements like

  • Planters
  • Sculptures
  • Shelves
  • Stools
  • Tables
  1. Let there be light! 

An industrial-chic space is incomplete without the addition of statement lights. Some of the trendiest lighting fixtures to look into are –

interior designers in gurgaon

Pipe chandeliers: Pipe chandeliers fuse the minimal, no-fuss ideology of the industrial style with the opulence of classic chandeliers to create magical, modern lighting that will have your guests in awe. They look fantastic over your dining area and in the middle of your living room. Smaller sizes are ideal for the bedroom.

Wire cages: Wire cage light fixtures add a vintage allure to your living space. If a bold chandelier is not quite your thing, then a collection of a few wire cages can create a quirky look for your home.

Edison bulb ceiling lights: Swap out the boring tubes with light fixtures that keep the beauty of vintage Edison bulbs bare.

If you are a fan of clutter-free, modern interiors that looks uber-stylish with little upkeep, then industrial chic is your best bet. If you want to give your home a magazine-worthy makeover then consider the top interior designers in Gurgaon to do the job.


Bedroom Vastu – What to Do & What Not

by Naomi |March 25, 2020 |62 Comments | Interior Design |

We have always professed, Vastu Shastra is a Science, which helps you in deciding the layout and placing of various spaces and items in it. It should be treated as an aide & not a hindrance. In case of Bedrooms too, we should take informed decisions to orient, locate and place the various furniture & furnishings in a manner that it enables healthy and comfortable living.

Bedroom being one of the most private spaces, positive ambiance, which gives good vibes is of utmost importance. Right from the entrance to the Bed, the furniture, paintings, furnishings, clutter, circulation space, all play a role in deciding your state of mind, which in turn affects your mental well being, resultant behaviour and performance.

Master Bedroom & Other Bedrooms. As per Vastu, best direction of entrance to the house is from the North East. Hence, if you see logically, the South West Corner becomes the farthest place in the house, which ideally should be the location of the Master Bedroom. However, if your entrance is from South South East, the Master bedroom could be in the North West.

South East or North East should be avoided. India is in the Northern hemisphere, where Sun always moves from the Southern Side- Dakshinayan. Hence, a bedroom in the Southern side gives ample sunlight throughout the year. It is therefor good to have the daughter’s room too in the Southeast. Northeast is also suitable for children.

Wall Color- a light colour like off white, baby pink or light cream are ideal. There should not be a beam running over the bed. Bedroom should preferably not have your Temple, except due to space constraints. The attached Toilet should be kept clean and without any foul smell. Its door should be kept shut to avoid negative energy entering the bedroom.

Anything that disturbs the calm of the bedroom has no place here. Hence, no television. If you must have one, make sure it is placed at a reasonable distance from your bed. “The TV screen should not work as a mirror opposite the bed.

Entrance & Bed. Although most people living in flats do not have much option, it is better not to have the entrance to the bedroom from the Head end side of the bed. Nor should the bed be so placed that it is visible from the main entrance of the flat. The head side of the bed should not have a window behind it. Most of us understand the Gravitational field of earth. Direction of your head while sleeping, should therefore be South, West or East, in that Priority. Metal Beds are heavy and not very conducive. Unnecessary weight adds to the negativity. Couples’ beds should have a single mattress (double bed size), as the partition in the mattress hinders your comfort as also, zones them into two beds.

Circulation Space & Clutter. Ideally, 3 ft of space all around the bed is good, however, some compromise could be made, specially on the sides where there is less movement. To achieve a better and open feeling, reduce clutter. The bulky huge teak almirah gifted to your mom by her dad, is best avoided in the bedroom. Too many small furniture spread around, which affect free movement in the bedroom adds to your stress and should be done away with; however beautiful / treasured they may be. Find some other suitable place for them. Some aroma candle etc which emanate good smell is also advisable.

Paintings, Photos, Mirrors, TV, PCs, Mobile. Paintings / picture depicting happiness is recommended. It is always nice to have your beautiful moments in frames in your bedrooms. Wedding pics for younger couples is very suitable. Those depicting fights, war, blood etc are a strict No no. Mirrors in the bedroom should be so placed that they do not reflect your image while lying / sleeping in the bed. TV is best avoided in the bedroom; remember its the Idiot Box – causes addiction. PCs & laptops need to be avoided. Mobiles & PCs cause high electronic stress. The radiations are inimical. Photos of deceased ancestors are also a No.

Lights. The bedroom should have options for having bright light, eg for dressing up; subdued light for relaxing and some minor source of night light, like foot lights, when one is sleeping. However, light exactly above the Bed is best avoided.

Storage. It is normal for bedrooms to have storage for clothes, shoes etc. Ease of use should decide their placing. We need to get over our traditional mindset of keeping anything and everything for ever. Storing old broken Cassettes / CDs, watches, batteries, clocks or dresses and shoes one has not used for ages, add to the negative energy and are a definite discard. Discard all chipped and semi broken items. Reduce the clutter in your cupboards. It adds to your anxiety and feeling of being disorganized. As a Thumb rule, if you do not use a dress / shoe for 2 to 3 years, give it to someone who would use it and bless you.

What Vastu aims is, at your mind. Anything and everything which adds to the peace of mind is generally good Vastu. If the home atmosphere is harmonious, the inhabitants will be happy and resultantly, successful.


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Interiors by Team COLONELZ

by Naomi |February 17, 2020 |194 Comments | Interior Design |

With the Internet becoming a predominant part of our lives, most of us having access to Pinterest, websites, and Do-It-Yourself TV shows, feel we are best suited to do the Interiors for our Spaces. Ideas are easy to get, however, the Information Overload and alignment of these inputs in a usable manner is pretty tough call. Many also assume that creating luxury interior design will be at a huge extra cost. In fact, the opposite is true. We as your interior designers, save you money.

Hows & Whys 

We Save Your Money

We ensure that our interior designing costs are paid back many times over, with savings made on your project. Our economic optimization of products, coupled with our relationship with the suppliers and by using our in-house team, we get you more than Value for Money. We work out a detailed Schedule of Works at the beginning of the project, which gives you a very fair Estimate of timelines and prevents costly mistakes in execution, as also, continuous increase in cost by putting across items which are sounded as important / mandatory. Our planning is meticulous.

We make budget estimate & compile Schedule of Works with a breakdown of prices for each element of the project; an essential and complex calculation that can be done only by professionals. 

For Us No space is Too Small, No Budget Too Little

We work on all sizes and budgets of spaces. We give you a mood board, floor plan, furniture layout, electrical & plumbing layout if needed, work schedule, budget estimate and if you want, a 3D visualization of the space. After this presentation and upon approval, we plan and execute the project together.


To crystallize a project, we carry out detailed interactions with you to understand the inhabitants, their habits, behaviors & needs etc, E.g.

  • Does your work involve Night Shifts? Or do you wake up late (this may call for blackout shades)?
  • Do you prefer eating in the dining room or the kitchen (maybe a breakfast nook is in order)?
  • Will you live in your condo, or rent it out (spruce it up as a rental instead)?

Based on it, we suggest Economically Optimal Options/ Solutions. If your taste clashes with your family’s (or your spouse’s) tastes, we propose compromises and give a solution that satisfies both parties. Our designer will then work on your space based on your requirements and lifestyle. We are your saviors.

Product & Service Range

We are an exception that apart from having our own in-house Team of Architect, Interior Designer and skilled manpower, we also have our own Modular & Designer Furniture & Furnishing Manufacturing Unit, which gives you quality, economy & guaranty.

We Make it Stress Free for You

We handle the project from start to finish. You do not have to search for any type of Contractor or Service Provider. We are a ONE STOP SHOP. We have our in house team of architects, top interior designers and specialist workmen like electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters and other skilled manpower. We also have tie ups with Best Firms in Intruder Alarm Systems, uPVC, ceramics, construction materials and other input materials. For items we don’t make, we help you shop, with assured discounts.

Planning Applications

We pay particular attention to lighting plans to ensure they work with furniture layouts and room designs. On a complex renovation, the untrained eye can overlook a simple decision such as where to put a plug socket. It’s too late at the end of a project to realize you can’t place your INR 50000/ Porta Romana table lamp where you want it, because the lead does not reach the power supply. We work backward from the envisaged interior finish, and plan everything meticulously, starting from the furniture plans and go back to basics.

Experienced, Trained, Artistic Eyes

Our Team comprises Extremely Professional & Educated Architects & Interior Designers, suitably supported by highly Skilled and vastly experienced manpower. They are trained to handle interior projects and their challenges and problems, thus eliminating the danger of trial and error—and expensive mistakes you have to redo. Creativity, imagination and artistic flair are their traits. It is because of this training and experience that the team can have a ‘magic touch’ on a project that pulls everything together. They work on hundreds of little details such as choosing what type of lighting switch plates, positioning of electrical outlets, specifying the trim detail of a headboard, and many more.

Above all, we believe in “Building Relationships. Business Happens”. 

We Stay Friends Even if You Don’t Hire Us


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Having Problems with Storages in Toilets?

by Naomi |January 23, 2020 |4 Comments | Interior Design, residential architect | ,

Invariably, our storages in toilets & wet areas get spoilt over a period of a couple of years. This is the problems with storage in toilets. So what is the remedy? For some time, a solution in the form of WPC is being used successfully. The material is ideal to be used in areas where some water splash on your storages / cabinets are likely. These are a good substitute. Please don’t use it as a water proof material, but as a water resistant material. While fabricating, one must understand that the hinges etc are of metals & would need extra care to prevent them from rust & resultant decay.

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