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Design a Vaastu-Friendly Modern Kitchen

by Naomi |February 23, 2022 |9 Comments | Modular Kitchen Suppliers |

Vaastu compliant Building enables your personal space to radiate positive energy and enhance peace & harmony. This in turn gives a fillip to your success and growth. One of the Vital parts of the house is The Kitchen. Food is an important ingredient of your daily life. This is one part of the House, which is not ignored a single day. e cooking area is the most vital and functional area of the house, providing nourishment to your family members. A kitchen, apart from looking ultra-chic and modern, should also be convenient to use daily and emit optimistic vibes. Little things such as placing certain appliances like stove, sink, and platform in a particular location can make a considerable difference. Hence, it is quintessential to get your kitchen designed by the Vaastu expert.

Benefits of Designing a Vaastu-friendly Kitchen

According to the Hindu religion, fire is auspicious. The kitchen is closely associated with fire, and hence designing it according to Vaastu is beneficial.

  • It ensures financial stability and a perpetual cash inflow.
  • A Vaastu-friendly kitchen ascertains positive vibes and the physical and mental well-being of the occupants of the house.

Thus, designing a Vaastu-friendly kitchen can bring success and happiness to your family. Position the appliances and build the kitchen, entrance, and storage spaces according to Vaastu to enjoy a peaceful life.

Steps for Designing a Vaastu-friendly Modernized Kitchen

Vaastu guidelines that are to be followed while designing a kitchen are as follows:

  • If you have the privilege to decide the layout of your house, you should always aim for the south-eastern corner of your home since the fire element is the strongest here. This makes sure that the family remains financially sound and debt-free. In case the direction isn’t available then the kitchen can be built in the northwest corner.
  • The stove should be positioned such that it is in the south-eastern direction while the person cooking should be facing the east. The food cooked will be healthy and tasty.
  • The entrance to the kitchen should preferably be in the east, north, or west and should preferably not be in any corner.
  • The sink should be placed away from the stove since water and fire are opposing forces. North-east direction is best suited for placing sinks or taps.
  • According to Vaastu, black is unpropitious for the kitchen, and you should use vibrant colours like red, green, and orange in the kitchen. It will not only make the kitchen Vaastu compliant but will also greatly improve the appearance.
  • Drive out all the pessimism outside your kitchen by placing windows in the east direction. An exhaust system is a great way to propel all the negativity out.
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, mixers, ovens should always be placed in the southwest direction. The northeast direction is to be strictly avoided for placing electrical appliances.
  • Storage units are an integral part of a modernized kitchen, and they should be built on the southern or western wall. You should refrain from storing grains in the cabinets attached to the northern and eastern-side walls.

These are some crucial points to consider while revamping your existing kitchen or designing a new one.

Why Pay Professionals?

Designing a Vaastu-friendly modernized kitchen is a difficult task to the uninitiated, even with google vastu consultants. Planning every nook & corner of the kitchen, ensuring that everything is rightly positioned isn’t easy. Our Professionals at Colonelz fit in with proper knowledge and immense experience.

At Colonelz, our team of designers are well versed with Vaastu guidelines and can carry out the task with skill and elan. We suggest remedies and alternatives enabling your kitchen to be filled with Positive Energy. We can design faultless interiors and deliver the desired result within the deadline at affordable rates. Besides taking care of the Vaastu tips, we also give a classy look to your kitchen.


Why is a Handle-less Kitchen the Future of Indian Homes?

by Naomi |December 29, 2021 |54 Comments | Modular Kitchen Suppliers

Once considered an idea that would boggle the mind of Indians, handless kitchens have soured all the appreciation in the past few years. This boom in the popularity of such kitchen styles can be credited to the rising demand for modular kitchens with maximized space. Handless kitchens are timeless and versatile at the same time and could create an effortless smooth aesthetic. However, the handles give a rustic feel to Indians, and they still prefer to have them on their kitchen shelves. In India, the debate between handless vs. traditional kitchens is never-ending. In this write-up, you will find certain useful information to weigh up your choice between a traditional and handless kitchen.

Handleless Kitchen: Why There is a Buzz About It?

It is not wrong to say that handless kitchens are mind-blowing, and they are an actual feast to the eyes. However, getting caught up in its beauty is not the point of discussion here, but their actual advantage over the traditional models based on functionalities and limitationsare. These are discussed below:

Design Practicality

As professionals, we know the practicality involves in designing handless kitchens. There are a couple of options in the handless mechanisms to choose from. These include moulded finger pull and push-click open (tip-on) mechanism. The former is a more frugal option, but people with long fingernails may find it troublesome as it limits the dexterity due to shallow grooves that act as handles. The latter mechanism provides a very sleek look without a finger pull on view and is highly recommended by our experts.

Safety Issues

Handless kitchens are safer as there are no knobs or handles where you could bash your knee or head. We have even noticed that handles catch sleeves or part of your cloth and rip them off. You could avoid future injuries, and a handless kitchen isthe better option for you to walk into.

Ease of Cleaning

Handles tend to catch more dust than the kitchen with the tap-on mechanism. You might end up spending hours awkwardly scrubbing and cleaning the handles of your kitchen cabinets. With the handless kitchen option, you just need to wipe down the kitchen units to get rid of any ingrained dirt.

Space Value

People frequently ask whether or not the handless kitchen provides extra space to them. We believe that the absence of handles maintains the fluidity of the design while creating an airy and light feel. In other words, for some people, it gives extra valuable space, and for a few, it creates an illusion of being more spacious than their handled counterparts.


In contrast to their handled counterpart, the handless kitchens cost at least 10-15% higher, and it could be a setback for this modernized kitchen version. Handless kitchens ask for the impeccable class of craftsmanship and advanced mechanisms that help them function without any hassle. This adds more digits to the overall cost of handless kitchens.

We hope now you can zero in on the choice of kitchen you want for your dream home. We at Colonelz, have all the expertise needed in designing a handless kitchen at affordable prices. Get the right assistance from our professional interior designers with years of experience and give your kitchen a breath-taking look.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Modular Kitchen

by Naomi |October 15, 2019 |43 Comments | Modular Kitchen Suppliers |

The kitchen area is being one of the most important areas when you are designing your house or whether you have any restaurant, if this area is designed expertly, then it will be easier for the ones to work in that particular area effectively.

If you are looking forward to designing your kitchen area and you are in confusion about how you can do the same, then you can look for modular kitchen designs. You might be thinking, what are these? Then these are the modified versions in which everything so placed so beautifully that you will not feel disappointed at all.

There are different modular kitchen manufacturers available that assure you to provide the best materials for the same. But when you are looking forward to the same, it is your duty that you must know everything about it. Here a few tips are mentioned which will help you in designing your kitchen area perfectly.

Tips to consider:-

  • Furniture:

Different furniture is required in the kitchen area. Thus, you have to choose that modular kitchen suppliers who will effectively help you with the same and will provide you the furniture which will be reliable and durable as well. Moreover, do not forget to consider the space.

  • Chimney:

The chimney is also being one of the most important things to place in a kitchen. If the same is not placed, then the temperature of the kitchen will not get back to normal, and it will become difficult for the ones to be there for longer duration and work effectively.

  • Wash basin area:

Make sure the washbasin area you are designing, design it in a manner that water will not come out of it, and also the utensils you are placing in it will not create further problems while placed in the area as well. For convenience, you can consider two at that place. Also, the sewage must be adequately done.

  • Ventilation:

Ventilation is also being one of the most important things in a kitchen area. This is due to the reason that suffocation will be there if no passage for the passing of gases is there. Also, it will help to maintain brightness in the kitchen.

  • Electricity:

While working with electricity, makes sure you are placing things in a manner that will not create any problem in case of an emergency. We are not aware when the time has come, and some mishappening may happen. Thus, ensure the same as well.

  • Racks:

The racks which you are going to place must have sufficient storage and space as well. Make sure if you are considering wood ones or iron ones, both needed to be maintained adequately. Thus, do not compromise with it.

For convenience, you can contact modular kitchen suppliers. They will help you in every possible way they can. Also, they will listen to your things effectively; then they will look forward to the same.

Modular kitchen manufacturers will be the best choice for you when you want to place things effectively and conveniently. On online platforms, you will be able to grab all the necessary details about them.