Luxury Living With Added Safety & Security

by Naomi |February 6, 2020 |1 Comments | residential construction

Being in Construction Business, one often got enquiries for High End Living Homes, with STRONG STRUCTURE. We embarked upon a Project using best stuff like Lafarge Cement, Jindal Steel, etc. It has all facilities like 100% Power Back up, water 24×7, covered parking, high end lifts, gated community, great exterior & Interior.

This Central Gurgaon area has 3000+ sft carpet area floors only. Our Floors comprise 3/4 large BR, 3 large toilets + 1 Pdr room, 3 big Dressers, Big Dining + family lounge, Large Drawing room, Huge Kitchen, Study room, Pooja room & 3 huge balconies + Sr Qr.

These will be ready by Jun 2015. The prices are:

  • 3.75 Cr for Ground Floor (3600sft) with Basement (3000) + Sr Qr;
  • 2.75 Cr for First Floor (3400sft) + Sr Qr;
  • 2.25 Cr for Second Floor (3200sft) + Sr Qr.

My contact – Col Biraj Sahay -9818744711; Biraj@colonelzinfracon.com / biraj153@hotmail.com

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buying a house

Buying a House?

by Naomi |February 6, 2020 |6 Comments | construction companies, residential construction |

One is often pained to meet unsuspecting Friends (specially Faujis), taken for a ride by some Builder or the other including some very high ranking people.

Some of the basic principles you must  follow are:

  • In money matters, no friends. Its business and not charity. No faith, just go by black and white.
  • Not all that shown in the Brochures are true, as they are in 2 dimension & virtual, whereas the promise is in 3 dimension & Real.
  • Seeing is believing, so see the Proposed Sight, Property papers, Land registration, government clearances etc.
  • MUST visit at least two properties made by the Builder, interact with the Resident users & you will come to know of the Truth.
  • Read Complain Forums of the Builder before buying. Check No of cases pending against the builder. I know of a Builder Promising Moon, but having more than 200 litigations- none from the moon.

Anyone needing help in my friend Circle, pl feel free to contact. Its Your money, don’t donate to a Cheater Builder.

Reference Link:- https://colonelzbricklogic.blogspot.com/2014/10/buying-house.html

Check it before you Cheque it

Check it before you Cheque it!

by Naomi |February 5, 2020 |3 Comments | residential construction

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.”

John Ed Pearce

Purchasing a home, while being very exciting, is also an extremely tedious experience. There are truck loads of options in the market, but not much information about them. To help you tide over your delusions & worries, we have created a 10 point checklist to rate the properties you are interested in, so as to help you take an informed decision.

Check It Before You Cheque It!

Before you decide to invest all your Green (or should I say Pink) Bucks, take a step back and get informed. Check the following before taking your Call.

  • Builder Related

Credentials of the builder– Make sure you do some research on the builder. Find out about a previous/old project done by the builder and pay a visit. You are likely to get similar Property & Services. Talk to the residents, get a feedback on the following:

  1. Condition of the Building, to include Sanitary & Plumbing fittings, Furnishing, Plaster work.
  2. Paint, Polish & state of walls & furnishings quality
  3. Sewage issues & Seepage problems

Amenities– State of maintenance & upkeep of Club, Sports facilities, Banquet halls, lawns, pathways, etc.

Maintenance & Security- While visiting the old project judge the security and over all cleanliness of the society. Find out how efficient is their waste disposal system.

Air & Lighting- Better ventilated property is more naturally lit & reduces electricity bills.

Price– Its Basic Price (BSP) & allied costs like Maintenance etc. Compare it with Similar Quality societies nearby.

  • Location. Extremely Important. General location (like next to NH, means high noise level) & specific location (park facing –so good view).
  • Connectivity– See it to believe it. Proximity to schools, bus stations, your work place, etc., as travelling relates to your fuel / travel costs.

Dwarka Expressway property buyers are stuck as road construction is stuck due to litigation. Avoid options where a road is to come up in the next 6 months, because it may not come up in the next 10 years.

    • Resale Potential-
    • Higher Occupancy of new flats means better Resale chances & value.
  • Enquire from Local brokers for resale price. Remember, they will praise the property on which they are likely to earn more –take it with a pinch of salt. Compare with prices of properties in the vicinity; would help you judge the market reputation of the property you are interested in.
  • Right Price– If you are selling, ask Brokers for Purchase Price & vice versa. Average the Sale & Purchase costs offered by Brokers. This is probably the Market price of the property.
  • Road Conditions Around Property –Must check the road condition & lighting, at least up to 500 meters from the project;  the condition of the roads as well as the lighting on the road.
  • Rental Potential- Often one buys a house for self use, but later changes his mind. Before investing in a house, find out the rental value. Annual rent of a house should be 2-4% of the total cost of the property.
  • Young Investor.  If you have a transferable job, or are planning to use the house a decade or later, most important aspect is – Is it likely to give Good returns on sale? 70% people change their mind in a decade or so, as to where to settle. So your Investment should be able to get you a property at the Place You Finally Decide to Settle.

In case of any further queries, we would love to hear from you. Leave us a message on –FacebookBlogemail– biraj@colonelz.com

Reference Link:- https://colonelzbricklogic.blogspot.com/2015/01/check-it-before-you-cheque-it.html

planning to make a house

Planning to Make a House? Guidelines – Part II

by Naomi |January 22, 2020 |1 Comments | residential construction

You would be aware of the saying, “Time spent on Reconnaissance is never wasted”. To arrive at the final design for your house / any other building, one MUST go through guidelines to make a house or do a detailed research on the type of Home or Space you are planning. Whether it is Residence, office or commercial space, the most important Factor is : read more

planning to make a house

Planning to Make a House? Guidelines- Part I

by Naomi |January 16, 2020 |4 Comments | residential construction

In the era of Flat / Apartment living, not many go for own house construction. However, some of us still prefer Independent houses, if affordable. It is also a suitable option when friends / family want to have a common building as home.Go through this blog section if you are planning to make a house. read more


Cersai & Home Buyers

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With the growth in Real Estate as an Industry, the number of Fly by night operators became unmanageable. The main sufferers became the Ignorant & Innocent common man- The Home Buyers. To prevent loaning with the same Asset Class as the Collateral, the Govt came up with one of the Internationally common practice of CERSAI.

 What Is CERSAI, and why is it Relevant to a Home Buyer?

Central Registry of Secularization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest (CERSAI) is the Central Online Registry on the security interest. As brought out above, it aims at preventing frauds in lending against Equitable Mortgages, so that people don’t take multiple loans on the same asset from different banks.

Legal problems are bound to happen when the same property gets linked to two loans from two different banks at the same time. It was quite common earlier, as there was no way to check whether a property has been mortgaged. To obviate these these issues, CERSAI was introduced to the real estate industry.

What is the Purpose of CERSAI?

CESAI was introduced in March 2011 to make mortgage transactions more transparent. CERSAI, is a licensed company, wherein,51% of the equity is owned by the government, and the rest is owned equally by National Housing Bank and 10 other public sector banks.

CERSAI’s mandate was to maintain a Central Registry of  Equitable Mortgages. It contains data on the equitable mortgage taken on a property and the details of the Financial Institutions that extended the loan and the Details of the Borrower. CERSAI also allowed lenders to register transactions of secularization and asset reconstruction.The ledger of CERSAI  therefore, contains the details of the borrower and lender.

It is Mandatory for All Financial Institutes to register all Loaning Information in CERSAI. The registration should be completed in 30 days in order to attend to the security interests. In January 2016, the mandate was extended further to start registration of security interests created on movable and intangible assets such as accounts receivables, book debt, and hypothetical as well as to start registration of all other types of mortgages used in India.

Register in CERSAI

Residential Construction Services also are under CERSAI, where the mortgage is involved. One can register using their website. There is an “entity registration” form available on the site. A digital signature is the access to the CERSAI portal. Once the form is filled, it has to be downloaded and signed by the authorized personnel and sent to the prescribed CERSAI address along with the necessary documents. Once the process is completed, a tab on the progress online can be kept.

CERSAI Charges

“What is the CERSAI charges for home loan?”The registration fee keeps changing from time to time. If you want to take a loan from a bank, you will have to pay a charge that would include the upfront or processing charges. The CERSAI registration charge and processing fee was clubbed from 1st January 2014. The cost is the same across all lenders in the country. The loan amount will ultimately determine the registration fee.

Loans that are above 5.00 Lacks will have to pay Rs. 500 + GST. Loans that are below 5 Lacks will have to pay Rs. 250 + service tax. If there is a delay in making updates regarding the transactions with CERSAI, it could result in a penalty.

Concluding Thoughts 

CERSAI and Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) have joined hands to make the borrowing and lending process more streamlined. Lenders will be able to make lending decisions better because of this tie-up. It benefits both parties, ie the Borrower & Lender.

Building Architect

Why Hire Architect for Your Building Construction?

by Naomi |October 23, 2019 |8 Comments | residential construction |

Few individuals notice however sophisticated it’s to create – that’s till they notice themselves lost within the maze of style choices, building codes, sectionalisation laws, contractors, and so on. No 2 building comes are specifically alike, thus there’s no single, clear-cut path to follow. Colonelz provides the true and wide residential construction services up to the mark. The creator is that the one skilled who has the education, training, experience, and vision to guide you through the whole style and construction method, from helping you define what you want to create to serving to you get the foremost for your construction dollar.

Several residential construction companies but Colonelz is the best in providing these services. Architects see the big picture. They don’t just design four walls and a roof – they create total environments, interiors and exteriors, that satisfy functional needs and are exciting, dynamic spaces in which to work and live. Whether you are remodelling, adding on, or building from scratch, the architect can guide the way. Working with contractors and different construction professionals, architects will assist you find yourself with a well-designed project that meets your wants and works along with your budget and timeframe.

Top Architects Solve Problems

That is what architects are trained to try and do, solve issues in artistic ways in which. With their broad data of style and construction, architects will show you alternatives and choices you may ne’er think about on your own. A creator will show you ways to enlarge your home thus you do not have to be compelled to move. A creator will style a workplace that meets your wants nowadays and may be custom-made for tomorrow. The creator appearance for methods to form your project value effective.

Architects Can Save You Money

Because a well-conceived project may be designed a lot of expeditiously and economically. Architects plan your project with you. As your ideas evolve, changes can be made on paper much less expensively than later on when construction is underway.

Because energy-efficient buildings will prevent cash on fuel bills down the road. A creator will style a building to maximise heating from the sun and let in natural lightweight, thus reducing your heating, cooling, and electric bills over time. A creator will work along with your budget and assist you choose the suitable materials and craft at a good worth.Architects develop the drawings and specifications to assist you get bids for construction that are supported your needs.Architects work to remain au fait advances in roofing, brick work, floor tiling, paint finishes, etc. Their familiarity with the total vary of materials allows them to recommend the suitable materials for your project.

Architects Can Make Your Life Easier

The creator you rent appearance out for your interests and tries to seek out ways in which to form that method go smoothly. If your project needs engineering or different style services, the architect can coordinate this team of experts so you don’t have to.

The creator types out advanced building codes and sectionalisation laws. The creator will assist you notice qualified construction contractors supported your needs. The creator visits the development website to assist verify that the project is being designed in keeping with plans and specifications.