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Is There Any Vastu Principle for Apartments on Higher Floors?

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Vastu Shastra is an intrusive science of architecture that encloses the forces that respond to a given space through positive energy flow. It is a study of architectural science that ensures that the property inhabitants are bestowed with peace, happiness, wealth, and success. When followed correctly, the set of Vastu principles attracts positive energy, resulting in the well-being of residents.

Besides other criteria, such as the direction and location of the house, considering the height of an apartment is also essential. In India, the land is limited, and demand remains high due to the increasing population. As a result, developers are constructing buildings or apartments for buyers of all segments. However, after having so many options available, sometimes a homebuyer needs clarification while choosing the floor to buy a house and what Vastu principles they should follow for their apartments on higher floors.

Do Vastu Principles Apply to High-Rise Flats?

People have many queries about the Vastu application for high-rise apartments. Vastu Shastra is applied to all, and when we are discussing tall buildings, there is no specific mention of tall buildings in Vastu Shastra. So how does Vastu apply to flats?

The simple answer is that every plot on which the structure of a building is prepared is studied for Vastu compliance. A flat is also considered to have its own Vastu. A Vastu analysis of both the land and the house is necessary to determine whether ancient science is being followed.

Plot Shape of Housing Unit

While purchasing a new flat, one should check the shape of the plot of the apartment. According to the Vastu, the shape of the plot should be rectangular or square. Ensure that the shape of the land is not tapered, circular or triangular.

Main Entrance

The apartment complex’s entrance should ideally be in the plot’s north or east direction. In addition, the entrance entryway to your apartment should be the largest in the house. It is said to bring good omens if it opens inwards and is a double door.

Location of the Kitchen

If you are buying or even renting a property in a high-rise structure, the location of the kitchen is critical. It should be located outside the northeast or southwest zones of the apartment because the kitchen signifies fire. A desirable position for a kitchen in a flat is sometimes possible. Nonetheless, the occupant should consider positioning the cooking stove in the northwest, south, or southeast corner. Moreover, heavy almirahs or cupboards should ideally be positioned along the south wall of the kitchen.

Vastu for Flat Bedrooms

The best orientation for a master bedroom is southwest. If a bedroom in that direction is not accessible, try to position the bed towards the room’s south wall. Guest bedrooms are thought to be best suited to northwest orientations.

Vastu for Balconies

According to Vastu Shastra, open terraces and balconies of a high-rise apartment play an essential role in regulating energies in the house. These areas provide ventilation and natural light to the home. As a result, their position is critical for energy flow. Your new apartment would be excellent if it had a balcony facing east, northeast, or north. Furthermore, wooden furniture is more favourable than wrought iron furniture.

Vastu Tips for Improving Vastu in Your Apartment

  • The main door should be far from the kitchen range.
  • Your home’s corners should always be neat and well-lit.
  • Avoid buying apartments in housing projects with water bodies in the southwest corner.

A Vastu-compliant dwelling makes people feel at ease and contributes to their well-being and prosperity. With the practical application of Vastu science, one can reap its benefits in high-rise apartments.

Eco-Friendly Home Interior Design Ideas

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Sustainable interior designing is all about creating the right balance of all elements with the environment. In today’s era, when global warming, environmental degradation, and climate change have become the prime environmental concerns, it’s time to understand the extent of the situation seriously and take steady measures towards an eco-friendly tomorrow. 

To allay the effect of environmental issues, sustainable, thoughtful, and conducive interior design can be a crucial instrument for humankind. There is an old saying, “The concept of sustainability begins at home”. So, shouldn’t we start incorporating eco-friendly ideas while building or designing our homes? We introduce you to four astonishing ideas for making your home interiors, eco-friendly. 

Let’s see how we can make our tomorrow greener, by applying some sustainable interior designing ideas: – 

1. Let the Light In

If you incorporate natural light in the interior design of your home, it makes a huge difference. During winters, one can free the windows of heavy blinds and curtains to let the maximum natural light in. In case you don’t have windows in the house, the inclusion of lighting lamps made from eco-friendly bamboo is an apt idea to opt for. 

2.  Design Furniture Made of Natural Materials

We should prefer furniture made of natural or other sustainable materials. Keep the tables and chairs made from plastic moldings at bay. We can rely on Rattan furniture, which is entirely eco-friendly and can help you make a greener tomorrow. 

It gives an aesthetic look and perfectly aligns with today’s modern interior concepts. In addition, the blend of its nature-friendly quality and decent look makes it a more versatile option. Moreover, choosing the earthy color tone can be another upside of such furniture embracing the beauty of your interior. We can also use Rattan blinds to enhance the window beauty and the upcycled mirror frames.

3. Decorate & Beautify the House with Plants 

Undoubtedly, plants are the best for promoting an eco-friendly environment around our surroundings. Amplifying the beauty of your house with plants can filter out all the harmful chemicals from the air and provide fresh oxygen along with freshness, positivity, and ambiance. Bamboo palm and lilies plants work wonders in enhancing the indoor air quality. 

4. Prefer Non-Toxic Wall Paint

One should always prefer eco paints that don’t adversely impact the environment and people. They are also cost-effective and encompass no VOCs (Volatile Organic Components). It is not harmful to humans like many chemical paints are.


Besides the above, you can keep lots of fresh plants in your house that give you Positivity and fresh vibes, through the day. Let’s do our bit to make our world a better place and start from our home to make it sustainable. We hope these ideas for eco-friendly interior designs help you embrace nature and make your home environment-friendly. However, you may need experienced, sustainable interior designers to assist you. 

Being Experienced Interior Designers in Gurgaon, Colonelz recommends you go minimalistic in designing the interior of your home to enjoy a clutter-free home. This way, you may have a spacious and eye-catching home look. Let’s celebrate nature’s gift while taking a small step towards sustainability with Colonelz. We can assist you in creating luxurious natural looks in an environment friendly manner, for your home. For more insights on our services, get in touch with us. 

Home Renovation & Wall Finishes

Home Renovation & Wall Finishes

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To a great extent, Walls play a vital role in defining the interiors of any space. They depict your style and resultant elegance when it comes to the appearance of your house. No matter what style you may choose, every wall contributes to the overall ambience of your dream space. Walls give us all the freedom we desire while still creating a world that is solely ours. Let’s see how we could do things right to add the needed glitz and glam to make the walls more appealing and desirable.

There are numerous wall finish options to rejuvenate and upgrade the looks of the existing walls, giving the interior spaces a fresh vibrant look. Let’s discuss some options. 


If you want to make your interior space moisture-proof, you may choose to renovate the walls with tiles. Standard tiles are apt for your kitchen and bathroom spaces to revamp them mesmerizingly. They are low maintenance and long-lasting option but require quality workmanship for giving a fine finish to the wall. To renovate the interiors with tiles, you need to hire professionals with skills to rejuvenate your walls’ appearance. 

Tiles could be used on the walls of your bedroom, living and other spaces too. In such cases, special designer tiles (3’x6’; 4’ x 8’) , or Terracotta tiles etc could be used. They can make a sea change in the look and feel of the space. 

Fresh Wall Paint 

Wall paint is the most basic and easy-to-implement option for walls. Some options could be, change in the texture of the paint, the colour, and the quality of fluid. We could narrow down your choices depending upon your mood, budget, space, and family choices. Wall colours serve the purpose of decoration, renovation, and protection. So, choose the one that either creates calmness and serenity or evokes creativity and optimism.  

Wall Claddings

These are the panelling types that you need to choose and install in the walls to amplify the look of your interiors. The cladding can have an impact on the building’s value and safety apart from making the interiors decorative and attractive. Various types of stone were conventionally popular, but today’s options are vast: ceramics, Corian, zinc, corton steel, copper, concrete fibre boards, and LED facades, to name a few. Cladding, when used creatively and wisely, is an excellent way to imprint your style.


Wallpaper is perhaps the most popular way to redefine your interior walls. Available in myriads of options, from simple paper to 3D photo wallpaper, they can cater to the diverse needs of people. Change them to suit your tastes and occasions. Let each room in your house tell a different story. Being affordable, convenient and artistic, they are the next best solutions to your classy and beautiful homes. However, the process of wallpapering the walls requires professional aid and therefore, always hire an experienced person.

Hope these tips will help you understand the right way to choose the right option for your walls within your stipulated budget. So, go ahead with the option you like to transform the interiors according to your desires! At Colonelz, you can get the right interior renovation assistance from experienced professionals. For any query related to interior designing or renovation, you can reach us anytime. You can even get free assistance from our team of experts. 

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Designing Productive & Invigorating Workspaces

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Basic concept of office space has undergone a sea change, specially in the last decade. From standardised monotonous space, with a never-ending cubical collection, it has become a vibrant, lively place. We recommend and design offices which are an apt amalgam of work efficiency suited for optimum physical & mental efficiency, while retaining administrative ease. Aim is to foster employees’ creativity and productivity, while ensuring their comfort and wellbeing. 

This transition of offices from a formal space to a more informal and open environment has certain positive effects on the overall well-being of people working there. The design of traditional offices and modern offices differ a lot. These are discussed below along with follow some modern-office designing tips to boost productivity. 

  1. Open-Space: It does not matter how much space you have, just try to keep it more open. It means that you must not restrict the area with cubical and more desks. Try to keep the layout open so that the employees can better communicate and collaborate. Open layouts always give a better and more friendly feel to employees. Hence, the open working spaces always foster creativity. 
  2. A Private Room for Peace and Idea Generation: Do not forget to create a private space or private room in the corner of the open area. Employees may need this space when they feel like being in a quiet room to think of better ideas. Design this private room with interior ideas that can uplift the mood of employees. Having some privacy while feeling low is one of the most needed things in a working space. 
  3. Minimize Interference: Make sure that you cut the outside noise for employees to enhance their creativity, productivity, and focus. For minimization of noise, you can use acoustic doors, windows, and walls. Also, keep such couches and chairs that make no noise while sitting. You can also integrate wall partitions to minimize interference and make your ceilings sound-proof. Minimizing noise and interference allows employees to stay focused for a longer period.  
  4. Quality and Comfortable Furniture: The furniture is very crucial to keep employees engaged and productive, and it contributes a lot to their level of satisfaction. Ensure that you go for high-quality and modern furniture which is comfortable for the employees to sit and work throughout the day. Try to add bright and soft furniture, to give home-like comfort to employees while they are at work. Prioritizing employees’ wellbeing while designing your office space can keep productivity and efficiency as high as possible. 
  5. Reflect the brand: Always ensure that the design of your office reflects you and your brand. It would be even better if you do it with creativity. Be as much unique as you can while incorporating the brand name on either the walls or anywhere in the office to attract your clients when they visit the working space. You can creatively print your logo somewhere even inside or write positive quotes on the walls which spreads positivity and reflects the work you do. You can also get your cabins designed as per the working themes of different teams. 

Follow the above tips and office design ideas for your working space. We hope you get the right design suiting your employees’ vibes and your brand. You can contact the professionals at Colonelz to renovate or redesign your professional space and reap the benefits of improved productivity. For more information, give us a call right away!

Build a Vastu Compliant Puja Room for a Happy Home

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A Puja room apart from being a divine place is also the epicenter of positive energy in our homes. Due to various, so called ‘practical reasons’, Vastu is often sidelined in modern homes. As per Vastu Shastra ‘your space of worship harnesses positive vibes and spreads them throughout the home.’ 

Vastu Shastra: Introduction to the Ancient wisdom 

According to Hinduism, it is believed that Vastu-complaint homes are free from ‘dosha’. Vastu Shastra has its roots in the Sthapatya Veda which is a part of Atharvaveda. It has been part of the Indian culture for thousands of years and people still seek advice from the Vastu experts before buying or building a property. The architecture and interiors of all ancient temples and palaces are entirely designed, based on this ancient science. 

According to the mythological legends, Vastu is a demon or evil energy who worshiped the God Brahma and earned a boon. It spurred an insatiable hunger that led him on the path of devastating the gods. He invaded them to consume their powers to be more destructive to the world. He fell on the earth and his organs rolled off in different directions. 

Vastu experts draft a grid diagram and suggest tips to keep negative vibrations at bay. In the ancient days, Vastu Shastra was confined to the Sthapathis (architects) only and was later passed on to the masses. 

Vastu Tips to Surround Your Home with Positive Vibes


To create an auspicious aura in your place of worship, the location of the room that holds the most significance is the northeast. The Puja Ghar should be facing the northeast direction. Moreover, it shouldn’t be in the basement or on the upper floor of your home. Always reserve the ground level to design your temple to maximize the positive energy. 


Should your Puja Ghar have doors? Is it right to veil your gods? These are common things that put you in a dilemma. For the remediation of Vastu doshas, it is advisable to put two doors at the Mandir’s entrance. Single door Puja Ghar interferes with your focus during meditation. Your idols shouldn’t be aligned in a manner where they face each other. 


Subtle and soothing colors like yellow, blue, and white are calming shades for the Puja room. Light colors keep the space bright and are conducive for meditation.  

4.Light fixtures

Light and bright colors illuminate the room with a magical spark. To boost the positivity, place the lamps and diyas in the southeast direction. 


The puja room should be designed in a space with a low ceiling. A gopura-shaped or pyramid-shaped top helps in creating a positive atmosphere around the room. To store sacred things, use auspicious. copper vessels.  

If you are looking to design your dream home free from evil energies, trust the expertise of Colonelz. 

Visit us at https://www.colonelz.com 

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Monsoon Tips for a Healthy Home

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This year, the monsoons have hit with amazing ferocity, probably due to the Global Warming. The petrichor soothing our soul and the water droplets resting on the grass blades, mesmerizes one and all. However, once the moisture finds its way into our homes, it becomes a spoil sport. The clogged water on the rooftop or in the compound or open spaces, are a harbinger of diseases and a breeding ground for mosquitoes, as also prelude to contagious water borne diseases. The dampness inside the home gives rise to nasty odour. It takes little time for the season of melody and romance to take a disastrous dirty turn, unless you’re prepared.  

Follow these tips to keep your home shining and hygienic even in the midst of monsoons. 


Getting drenched and entering home, often brings along the avoidable mud and silt along with dripping water, making the home dirty and wet. Worse id when these marks dry up. To avoid this messy situation place a large, absorbent coir mat at the entry of your home. Drain all the water and rub off the dirt outside on the mat. Mats like those of 3M, are also very useful. Step in only after ensuring that your feet are reasonably clean.

This would help keep your premises germ-free and hygienic on rainy days. The humidity and water leakages make the floor slippery. Wooden floors are more susceptible to damage due to stagnant water. Make sure to wipe the floor immediately to avoid significant damage. 


During the monsoons, most of the houses lose their charm owing to the cast of mold, mildew, and moss. The paint chips and flake off easily. This leads to ugly walls and ceilings. Even minute cracks and breakages create enough space for mold to thrive. It’s better to safeguard your walls by waterproofing them. Waterproofing prevents your home from the external damage caused by water.  

3.Furniture care 

High quality wooden furniture is in vogue these days. Creating vintage and artistic wooden decor is trendy and enhances the overall elegance of your comfort space. Upkeep of these can be a tedious task. To keep the wooden articles shiny and intact, avoid their contact with wet clothes and damp walls. 

Clean the furniture with a dry cloth or vacuum. A dry cloth is preferred to wipe off the dust accumulation. The dust tends to absorb the moisture and wiping it off leaves the surface smooth and shiny. 

Polish your furniture frequently with new varnish. Protect your furniture from moisture damage with wood wax. 

4.Refurbishing home linens 

The rainy days don’t let the sunlight flood into your space blissfully. Soaked in the dusky light, your home starts to look dull and bland. Do not pick dark colors for your home linen. To gear up for the monsoons, replace your home linen with bright and vibrant colors like yellow, vivid blue, and bright magenta. It alters your mood dramatically and spreads happy vibes all around. 

In the scientific study of color psychology, color has been found to impact mood significantly. Colors are widely used in holistic treatments. For increasing blood circulation, stimulating the mind and body, red color is the choice. Similarly, blue colors soothe the mind, and yellow boosts the release of happy hormones. 


Water-logging, dampness and leaks emit an unpleasant, musty odour indoors. You can spray some air fresheners inside your home to mask the stale smell. However, it is better to couple it with proper air ventilation to let go of the smell and create a hygienic environment. For a more DIY solution, take two cups of water, add sliced lemons, cinnamon, and rosemary. Bring it to a boil and let them simmer together. Pour the mixture into a jar and place it around the house. For another refreshing fragrance, soak small wooden blocks into your favorite perfumes in a bowl and decorate them around the house. 

The use of dehumidifiers treats odor from the roots by reducing the humidity within your home. 

Want to build a home that can stand the mayhem of the Indian monsoons? We are here to help! 

Visit us at https://www.colonelz.com 

Residential Vs Commercial

Second Property – Residential Vs Commercial

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Compared to the Western world where Retail participation in Equities is 50% or more, merely 5-6% of Indians invest in stocks in any form, directly / indirectly. The main investment stays in Real Estate. With Indian mindset it is quite pertinent to understand as to where one should put her money, if it is going to be in Real Estate. read more

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Real Estate Deal Cancellation – Nuances One Must Know

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At times a fairly good looking deal may turn sour. It is therefore pertinent to know, what all are involved In a real estate deal?

An agreement is signed and a token amount is paid. (Please note that cash payments for Real Estate is illegal). All payments have to be made in cheque / Neft etc.

What aspects should the deal encompass? The important parts of the deal are included in an Agreement to Sell (ATS).

This should clearly state the parties to the deal ie, the buyer & seller with their Address, Aadhar & Pan details.

Clear definition of the Property under consideration.

Details of the property’s acquisition, ie bought from etc, as also the Conveyance Deed/ Builder Buyer agreement and if it is on resale, all details of previous owners and recording of the same.

Govt approvals for buildings, building plan approval etc.

It gives out unambiguously, the Sale Consideration, ie the Price the Buyer has to pay to Seller. This is broken up in the Payment plan between the Buyer & the Seller, giving out the timeline.

In case of not meeting the payment obligations or on refusal of the Seller to get the property registered in the Buyer’s name, the legal aspect needs to be included. A normal deal cancellation entails forfeiture of the Advance amount paid, which is generally 10% of the total cost. Similar amount is applicable to both sides.

The ATS should include that there is no mortgage or encumberance on the property being sold. Legal jurisdiction in terms of property generally is based on the location of the property, ie the Court which has jurisdiction in that area.

How should one refund the money when a property deal is cancelled?

Technically, all deals are to be in Bank Transactions, so there must be communication in writing and / or mail, wrt the cancellation of the deal and Okayed by both parties. The refund money transfers must be to the same account from the payments were done. This avoids future litigations.

Financial and income tax consequences for a property deal which is called off or cancelled.

As per the income tax laws, if a property deal is cancelled, treatment of the token or other payment money has no benefit. It is taxed as an income for the individual having gains. If the buyer backs out from the deal, the seller has the right to forfeit the token money. The forfeited token or advance payment money, does not give the buyer any income tax benefit. It is treated as a capital loss under the tax laws. However, the advance money/earnest money that is forfeited, becomes an income of the seller in the year in which the deal is called off. Such forfeited earnest money is taxed under the head ‘income from other sources’ and not under the head ‘capital gains’, even though the income is received with respect to a capital asset.

Stamp duty paid -refund

Normally, for property transactions, the buyer pays stamp duty. It is generally a fixed amount or a percentage of the property’s market value. One also pays registration charges, for registration of the agreement. These rates are prerogative of the state govt and hence the rules for refund of stamp duty paid for property transactions, varies from state to state. In some states you are entitled to claim refund of the stamp duty, within a stipulated time frame, if the same has not been executed. The government generally deducts some percentage of the stamp duty.

GST Refund

While buying under-construction property, the Builder levies a GST on the agreement value, depending on the category the property falls, viz ‘affordable housing’ etc. In case of cancellation, of the under-construction property, the builder may agree to refund the booking amount and installments paid. However, even though the Builder may have charged you GST, he may not refund this amount, as he has to deposit the amount with the government. The builder is not entitled to claim any refund with respect to the GST, as he has already rendered services to you.

In case of resale to another buyer, by you, the sale price already includes GST.  However, GST is included while calculating Capital Gains, as it has been capitalized and form part of the cost of acquisition. The capital gains will be taxable as long-term, if your holding period has been three years, or else, the profits, if any realised, will be taxed as short-term capital gains.

Real Estate investments are always in large monies. It is therefore, always better to consult an expert and take legal and financial advise for the same. Be safe, buy safely.

Worrylessly Upgrade Your House in NCR

Worrylessly Upgrade Your House in NCR

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We have been getting inquiring about minor / low cost works with respect to house improvement like civil / wood / sanitary / flooring work etc. We do undertake such works, with min budget of around a lac, in NCR.
Anyone needing help could contact me
biraj@colonelzinfracon.com; 9818744711

Reference Link:- https://colonelzbricklogic.blogspot.com/2014/10/worriylessly-upgrade-your-house-in-ncr.html

Returns Schemes on Real Estate

Guaranteed Returns Schemes on Real Estate

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Most of us would have come across lucrative advertisements talking of 11-12% Guaranteed returns on your investments in Real Estate – mostly in Commercial Property like Offices / Shops etc. When Banks etc are giving you just 6-8% returns, why is The Builder ready to give so much more. Its simple Finance. read more

Modular furniture

Why should you buy modular office furniture?

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Due to growing population, every person in India needs some job or business, to make the survival better. Every person who needs a job has to sit at a place and businessman needs furniture for sitting purposes and for keeping the goods. In today’s time, there are several employees who work with the companies. And thus, the companies need more space in their office to make their employees sit for doing work keeping into account the less space utilization. So due to this space problem, modular furniture has been brought into the markets. Through this blog, we will tell you about the modular furniture, its advantages, and its disadvantages. And about how and what type of furniture is used in the offices to help you overcome the space issues.

Modular furniture is the type of furniture which is always pre-made or we can say it is ready-made furniture. It is very convenient and reliable in use. It can be folded and can be used as other forms of furniture also. In today’s time there are sofas that can be converted into beds. This is just a way to help you with the less space coverage. The modular furniture can be used according to the needs of the consumer.  So, you can convert it the way you can taking into account the space constraints.

Storing things is a significant part of the office. There are many types of files and documents that need to be stored in the offices. You might also have important documents that need the safer and best place to be stored in the office. Offices also need tables and chairs to make the employees sit. There are times when some computer tables are also needed to place the computers, printers, and CPU. Sometimes you might need space to store the hard copies. If all the documents and files are placed in an unsystematic manner, it becomes difficult to find the document or file when needed. Sometimes the office also looks messy, which creates a bad impression on the employees and the visitors. Therefore, it is essential that the owner gives its employees a good environment to help them do their jobs properly and nicely.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to the modular office furniture according to the needs of the employees and the choices preferred by the office owners keeping into account their work and documents.

The most important furniture used in the offices is computer tables’ desks, which can be used in two ways. It can be used in placing the computers and its hardware devices and the second thing is the space to place the documents and files of the office sufficiently. There are many drawers available on this desk which is used for putting the different things. Like these computer tables, there are many shelves and cupboards available to put the files and many important documents. Modular furniture is always helpful if it is placed for office use. So, purchasing modular furniture brings you various benefits.