Eco-Friendly Home Interior Design Ideas

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Sustainable interior designing is all about creating the right balance of all elements with the environment. In today’s era, when global warming, environmental degradation, and climate change have become the prime environmental concerns, it’s time to understand the extent of the situation seriously and take steady measures towards an eco-friendly tomorrow. 

To allay the effect of environmental issues, sustainable, thoughtful, and conducive interior design can be a crucial instrument for humankind. There is an old saying, “The concept of sustainability begins at home”. So, shouldn’t we start incorporating eco-friendly ideas while building or designing our homes? We introduce you to four astonishing ideas for making your home interiors, eco-friendly. 

Let’s see how we can make our tomorrow greener, by applying some sustainable interior designing ideas: – 

1. Let the Light In

If you incorporate natural light in the interior design of your home, it makes a huge difference. During winters, one can free the windows of heavy blinds and curtains to let the maximum natural light in. In case you don’t have windows in the house, the inclusion of lighting lamps made from eco-friendly bamboo is an apt idea to opt for. 

2.  Design Furniture Made of Natural Materials

We should prefer furniture made of natural or other sustainable materials. Keep the tables and chairs made from plastic moldings at bay. We can rely on Rattan furniture, which is entirely eco-friendly and can help you make a greener tomorrow. 

It gives an aesthetic look and perfectly aligns with today’s modern interior concepts. In addition, the blend of its nature-friendly quality and decent look makes it a more versatile option. Moreover, choosing the earthy color tone can be another upside of such furniture embracing the beauty of your interior. We can also use Rattan blinds to enhance the window beauty and the upcycled mirror frames.

3. Decorate & Beautify the House with Plants 

Undoubtedly, plants are the best for promoting an eco-friendly environment around our surroundings. Amplifying the beauty of your house with plants can filter out all the harmful chemicals from the air and provide fresh oxygen along with freshness, positivity, and ambiance. Bamboo palm and lilies plants work wonders in enhancing the indoor air quality. 

4. Prefer Non-Toxic Wall Paint

One should always prefer eco paints that don’t adversely impact the environment and people. They are also cost-effective and encompass no VOCs (Volatile Organic Components). It is not harmful to humans like many chemical paints are.


Besides the above, you can keep lots of fresh plants in your house that give you Positivity and fresh vibes, through the day. Let’s do our bit to make our world a better place and start from our home to make it sustainable. We hope these ideas for eco-friendly interior designs help you embrace nature and make your home environment-friendly. However, you may need experienced, sustainable interior designers to assist you. 

Being Experienced Interior Designers in Gurgaon, Colonelz recommends you go minimalistic in designing the interior of your home to enjoy a clutter-free home. This way, you may have a spacious and eye-catching home look. Let’s celebrate nature’s gift while taking a small step towards sustainability with Colonelz. We can assist you in creating luxurious natural looks in an environment friendly manner, for your home. For more insights on our services, get in touch with us. 

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Vastu Shastra in Interior Designing

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The only thing Constant is Change. With modernisation, new ideas, concepts, and plans in interior design keep getting incorporated. Houses are no more that simple or traditional structures. Today’s gen prefers luxury and uniqueness in the designs, as also.

Genesis of Vastu Shastra is believed to be somewhere between 6000 BC and 3000 BC.  Vaastu Shastra explains the Indian system of architecture as it involves concepts related to designing buildings by utilizing the geographical and locational features of space while including the impact of sunlight, heat, wind directions, position of the moon, and the earth’s magnetic fields. In this article, we will look at the science behind Vastu Shastra, and what a Vastu designer does differently to your space compared to a normal design.

Vastu Shastra: The Science of Aligning Energies for Harmony

To better understand why Vaastu professionals are so useful when you are planning to design your house or room or even an office, we must know a bit about the ancient Indian science of Vaastu.

Vastu Shastra is built around the foundation that the earth is a living organism, through and within which other living species and organic forms emerge. Of all nine planets in the solar system, the earth remains the only planet where life is possible. Have you ever wondered why it is possible? Simply because of the presence of five elements of nature namely, Aakash (Space/sky), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (water) and Bhoomi (Earth).

Vaastu professionals analyze the energy within your space and apply Vaastu principles to maximize your wellbeing. For example, they work in collaboration with your interior designer to determine the spaces in which certain objects of furniture must be placed to eliminate the negative energy from dissipating around the house.

Therefore, while planning and designing the house, a Vaastu expert who can map out the positioning of various elements to optimize the health, prosperity, wellbeing and harmony within the house and residents can be helpful.

Some Vaastu Tips for Your Home

As per Vaastu Shastra’s principles, the placement of plants indoors can add to the beauty of the household as well as keep house members connected with nature. Experts suggest plants should be kept in the southeast corner of the room for luck and prosperity. You can decorate the interiors by keeping money plants in colourful bottles or creating a green vertical wall with creepers. The money plant shouldn’t be placed outside in the balcony area.

Another well-known principle is that the entrance of the house should be in the east direction because it aligns with the direction of the sunrise, which opens the door to light and positivity.

Colours can have both negative and positive effects on the energy within the house. So avoid colours that attract negative energies. Hues of yellow, orange, and green work for the kitchen, but avoid blue colour as per Vaastu. Shades of yellow or pink can be used in the bedroom, but darker colours like purple or red should be discarded straight away.

Final Words

These are just a few tips that would help, but the role of Vaastu is very vast, and a specialist in its principles like Vaastu experts at Colonelz can best guide you towards a house design that gives out the right vibes that let in positivity and prosperity. To know more, book an appointment for free assistance right away!