Children Friendly Homes – Ingredients to Make One

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Children can be as innovative and probably messy as one can think. Their innocent acts may cause you a lot of cleaning up, but the resultant happiness is incomparable. It is paramount that our homes are safe for them and planned to avoid accidents, a herculean task for parents. Numerous imponderables are required to be taken care of. To help you obviate this gargantuan obligation, we elucidate some aspects which could help you achieve your aim. 

Keep Rounded Furniture

It is a treat to interact with active kids. However, their hyper-activeness at times become the reason for accidents. Often, they bump into some or the other furniture or corner of the house. This might lead them to accidents and injuries. Hence, it is always advisable to have rounded furniture. There are a variety of options available in this kind of furniture. This will let you live worry-free for a longer time. Injuries due to bumping into rounded furniture are less dangerous.

Chalkboard wall

In their initial years of growing up, children tend to see every wall as a blank canvas. Whatever they see around themselves, they try to sketch it on the walls. Having a kid at home might leave you with walls looking like the pages of a drawing book. In order to avoid this, you can create a playroom for them which has a chalkboard wall. Hand them over the sketch pens and chalks and let them grow their creativity.

Along with the chalkboard wall, you can also keep colourful crayons and books in the room. Kids tend to paint their creativity very often. Crayons and sketch pens will give them a better understanding of colours and they’ll tend to learn faster.

Get the Artworks framed

As illogical and absurd as they might look, get your kids’ artwork framed and hang it in their room. They will grow up seeing this and respect the fact that you respected their small efforts. This will also add to a great piece of decor to your kid’s room. Make space for a gallery wall in your kid’s room where you have their artworks placed with other usual and bold artworks.

Keep Books in Display

Displaying books is one of the best ways to make sure your kids are well-read. But, there’s a catch! The books in display should not look like a stack of books. You must display them as art pieces. That is what will catch your kid’s attention to pull one and explore what’s inside. Display the books they have already read, or you feel they might be interested in.

Choose a Non-toxic Paint

We live in a world with over abundant chemicals and harmful toxins present in the air we breathe. We might just not want to add to the toxicity by painting walls in our house with toxic enamels. If you have kids at home, you will understand that they tend to lick anything and everything they can possibly see, including the paint on the walls. To prevent this, use paints which have the following properties:

  • Environment friendly enamels.
  • Zero VOC and odour free.
  • Green guard certified.
  • Paints made from organic milk protein.
  • Solvent free.
  • Sustainable, mineral, and plant-based pigments.

If you’re looking for creating a child friendly environment in your home, visit Colonelz’ official website to find out more. Providing your children with such an interior is an investment for their future. We offer some of the best options and stunning deals. We are apt in creating an atmosphere wherein your kids can learn, explore & grow at their pace and with ease.

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How to Avail Exemptions and Save on Long-Term Capital Gains Tax, from the Sale of a Residential House?

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For instance, if you acquire a house/ land twenty years past and you want to sell it currently, it may be expected to fetch vital appreciation to its purchase worth. This indicates that you simply have earned “Capital Gains” on your property and thence, area unit vulnerable to pay tax on these gains. The rate at that your capital gains are taxed depends on the tenure that you command the property and can be consequently classified as Short Term Capital Gain or Long Term Capital Gain. Colonelz have the best residential architects with all the long term capital gains tax by selling the residential house.

Short Term Capital Gains Tax

Short Term financial gain on property is taken into account as a gain from marketing a property that was command by you for fewer than thirty six months. As a remunerator, you’re vulnerable to pay tax on short term financial gain on property as per your applicable marginal revenue enhancement block. Some key points to remember: You are allowed to adjust/ reduce your sale consideration for any brokerage, commission you had paid at the time of property sale. You are allowed to deduct any expenditure on construction and home improvement incurred during the period you owned the asset.

Long Term Capital Gain Tax

When you sell your property that is owned by you for more than three years, any gain arising from such sale will be considered as long term capital gain by the residential architects. Long term financial gain is calculated because the distinction between incomes thought and indexed price of property.The advantage of regulating is allowed to line off the impact of inflation from the gains created on sale of the property so the particular gains on propertywill be taxed.

This is supported the logic that worth of cash decreases perpetually owing to inflation and thence, it is unfair to tax a long term property holder for the nominal gains accruing to him solely owing to inflation. Under section fifty four, sell a residential property and invest the gains to shop for a replacement residential property and claim exemption on capital gains tax.

Under section 54, you can claim exemption on capital gains tax exemption, if you invest full in another residential property in India. The new residential house may be bought either one year before the sale of recent house or inside 2 years from the date of sale of the previous property.In case you intend to construct a house, the construction of the house should be completed within 3 years from the date of sale of the previous property. Once you have purchased or constructed a new house, you cannot sell it in less than 3 years. If you sell it before three years, you’ll not get the advantage of financial gain exemption and your sale return are rateable.