The Best Architecture Firm in Gurgaon

Architecture is a Visual Art!

To create a building from scratch is no child’s play. The construction and interiors come into the picture when you have the right architecture. As one of the best architecture firms in Gurgaon, we take pride in the excellent architectural service that we have been offering for decades to our patrons. Coming up with great architecture is a complex task that needs you to explore design options, building codes, zoning laws, and deal with contractors.

Every architect has its roadmap. Our architectural range of services consists of design, preparation of documents, and construction administration. Apart from these key services, the architects also offer additional services for feasibility studies, architectural programming, and project management. We offer architectural services for both commercial and residential properties. A glimpse of the outline of our services:

  1. Prelim planning

    Project planning begins at this stage. The project’s needs, dreams, and goals are discussed at this stage.

  1. Crystallization

    Drawings and layouts are prepared so that the scope, look, and feel of the project can be clearly defined. This helps in estimating the budget and if any adjustments are required.

  1. Tendering, Bidding, and Negotiation

    Our team guides you in connecting with the vendors and helping in evaluating the bids.

  1. Construction Documents

    We work on drawings and specifications as they help in obtaining building permits and bids. They also guide the contractor for the construction process.

  1. Scheme Drawings/Design

    The preliminary design sketch is based on the needs of the client and budget. It helps in exploring the possible options and reviewing the merits of each one of them.

  1. Government Approvals and Documentation

    We help you in obtaining approvals and occupation certification along with water, electricity, and sewage connection.

You can put faith in our architecture company in Gurgaon to come up with a unique yet practical design for you.