Col. Biraj Sahay & Capt. Lalita Sahay

About Colonelz

A quality space denotes the quality of the inhabitant. It needn’t be extravagant but must have your Signature. Be it commercial or residential, if it does not reflect you, you must act on it. It is quite normal to do home medication, however, that is not the best option. Similarly, some of us design ourselves and the comparisons speak for itself – “Little Knowledge is Dangerous” Just like a Specialist Doctor or Lawyer, Interior Designers or Architects know how to treat a space. We at Colonelz provide you both, coupled a complete in-house team to implement the same and more.


Our Story

We are a team of Interior Designers, Architects, and Artisans, passionate about creating magnificence from ideas. Colonelz Constructions offers an array of products & services; from construction to interior designing, to architectural services, as also, modern executive/ designer furniture. We treat all types of Spaces & Buildings, be it Residential, Commercial, Offices, Shops, Clinic and more. Our products and services are fully customized based on YOUR requirement, complimenting your concept and use, while economically optimizing the Project Cost.


In 2002, Col Biraj Sahay & Capt. Lalita Sahay, purchased their first home from a renowned builder. However, the quality, as also the misrepresentation of promises by the builders were quite uncomforting.

They co-founded Colonelz in 2004 with an aim to build quality home for themselves and the clients. Vowing to deliver what was promised, without any hidden terms, Colonelz has completed numerous building construction projects, both, Residential & Commercial. To serve the clients better, the need to diversify into Interior Designing and Renovation projects was explored. The business gradually expanded pan India. The icing was an overseas assignment in Singapore- a feather in the cap. To further the aim to be a “One Stop Shop”, the Company added modular & designer furniture manufacturing and also furnishings. Clear Intention – Provide economically optimal and quality Construction with personalized Interior solutions. Colonelz has its aura of flamboyant confidence of style.