Antara- Youth in the mountains.

Surrounded by serene mountains, Antara is an elderly society in Dehradun. Challenging the aura of its surroundings, the interiors are youthful, vibrant and hued, complete with a charming ceiling art.

DLF The Crest- Beyond the Crest

Luxury amidst the aravallis, the interiors at this crest apartment were of the looks of a premium hotel with the maintenance and comfort of a simple Indian home. Deep hues have been combined with metallics for a rich & affluent interior finish, with special focus on the lighting in the house.

Dwarka Finance Office- Rainbow Bills

Creating a finance office where the clientele and the employees are from completely different demographics was a challenge we crushed. The spaces were first exclusively designed w.r.t. the immediate user and then altered and combined to create one whole experience that resonated with all.

Satya Niketan Restaurant- The Faculty of Food

The project was to design the new trending college nook, located in the most prominent, challenging and active college hangout of South Campus, Satya Niketan. We had to design a restaurant that the new Hashtag generation would actively post about on a budget. The interiors are a burst of art and colour, a combination of dark tones, metallics and doodles. It’s a must visit hub, not only for the scrumptious food but the unprecedented detailed interiors too.

Santosa, Singapore- Come to the W

The most lavish and upscale residential of Singapore, the interiors are just the right blend of comfort and luxury, keeping a keen eye on every intricate detail. We used neutral tones with subtle splashes of colour, topped with snazzy decor.