How to Avail Exemptions and Save on Long-Term Capital Gains Tax, from the Sale of a Residential House?

For instance, if you acquire a house/ land twenty years past and you want to sell it currently, it may be expected to fetch vital appreciation to its purchase worth. This indicates that you simply have earned “Capital Gains” on your property and thence, area unit vulnerable to pay tax on these gains. The rate […]

How is Money Refunded When a Property Deal is Cancelled

Not all property deals go through, some deals get cancelled in mid-way due to several reasons including lack of funds, legal issues and even an untimely demise. Colonelz is the best commercial architecture firms and they have the expert architects to go on with. When such agreements don’t result in the registration of the property, […]

Restructure Your Office with Stylish Modular Furniture Designs

Furniture of the office affects the productivity of your employees and so it is important to have furniture that is for the comfort of them. The modular office furniture is made according to the needs of the workers. They are spacious and help you to remain organized and comfortable. Here are a few advantages of […]

Consumer Court, RERA or NCLT: Can a Home Buyer Approach all these Forums Simultaneously?

The judgment allows flat purchasers aggrieved by errant developers to choose between redressal authorities established under the CPA or the RERA.62 petitions were filed by various developers challenging the order passed by the National Consumer Redressal Commissioner. Today Homes and Infrastructure Private Limited case, wherein, the National Commission held that remedies provided under the CPA […]

Why Hire Architect for Your Building Construction?

Few individuals notice however sophisticated it’s to create – that’s till they notice themselves lost within the maze of style choices, building codes, sectionalisation laws, contractors, and so on. No 2 building comes are specifically alike, thus there’s no single, clear-cut path to follow. Colonelz provides the true and wide residential construction services up to […]

Grihapravesh Tips for Your New House, This Festive Season

When it comes to a property investment, home owners are generally particular about auspicious days and performing a grihapravesh, before moving in and Colonelz are the top residential architects among all. We examine the importance of this ceremony and also the points to contemplate. Indians are generally particular about shubhmuhurats, when it comes to buying […]

Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Modular Kitchen

The kitchen area is being one of the most important areas when you are designing your house or whether you have any restaurant, if this area is designed expertly, then it will be easier for the ones to work in that particular area effectively. If you are looking forward to designing your kitchen area and […]

Commercial Office Furniture For Designing Workplace With Perfection

Earlier the owners did not use to pay much attention to the furniture and the construction of the office. But they now understand how the furniture of the office affects the productivity of the employees at work. They now understand how much it is important for the employees to work with comfort. The office furniture […]

How To Look For An Architectural Agency?

We all are aware of the fact that nowadays, technology is being so advanced. In every field, we will find modifications which have been brought to us by technology. If you are also among those who are looking forward to such changes, then you can consider the architectural field. The architectural field is one of […]

Complete Guide on How to Choose The Right Cabinet Finish for your Kitchen

Our Indian households seem not to care much about the kitchen decor. It seems harsh to listen but somehow it is true. Indian household tend to decorate the living room or the drawing room like a five start hotel and kitchen remains one of those neglected corners of the entire house. But if we give […]

Tips to Create a Perfect Kitchen Design

Kitchen is being one of the most important places, whether you are designing a house or a restaurant. If the kitchen is designed appropriately, then it will become easier for the person who will work there. When you are designing the home kitchen, then there is no need for you to get concerned about everything. […]

Why should you buy modular office furniture?

Due to growing population, every person in India needs some job or business, to make the survival better. Every person who needs a job has to sit at a place and businessman needs furniture for sitting purposes and for keeping the goods. In today’s time, there are several employees who work with the companies. And thus, […]

Give Your Bedroom And Kitchen A New Look With Modular Furniture

There are different types of modular kitchen layouts available in the market. Nowadays people spend a lot on the kitchen. Especially when people buy their new apartments, they spend a lot on the modular kitchen outlets. They usually spend on the windows, drawers, etc. if someone is getting a new apartment then you have the […]