Sun & Moon Restaurant – Udaipur

Surrounded by the serene panorama of the entire Udaipur City and breathtaking view of  the sparkling waters of Lake Pichola. Sun and Moon Rooftop Cafe is the perfect definition of more with little. The restaurant was designed and executed using an amalgamation of sustainable and refurbished materials. The restaurant today is one of the must visits on many popular travel websites

Hotel Udai Niwas – Udaipur

The hotel is located at a prime location in Udaipur, with breathtaking views of the city and the Pichola lake. The interiors are in sync with the local culture, celebrating the Rajasthani Folkways, by the means of inspired furniture, wall art and decor, etc.

Vasant Kunj – A New Home

The project, a residential renovation for a family of 4 in one of the most prominent residential of South Delhi was designed laying utmost care to the residents’ ease and comfort without sacrificing on the visage.

The kitchen and wardrobes were designed specifically according to the users need and taste, with emphasis on its strength and durability.